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Application of the Month: Let Me Float Something By You
Susan Griepsma

Float (verb) /flōt/ 
1.  Rest or move on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking
2. Be suspended freely in a liquid or gas
3. Move or hover slowly and lightly in a liquid or the air; drift

I'm a big fan of floating.  It's so relaxing to be weightless in water, letting the waves rock you into a fuzzy, dreamy place.  Plus, floating is a LOT less work than swimming...  But when you say "float" around Gorbel, you're not talking about your backyard pool - you can only be talking about one thing - "Float Mode" on our G-Force® and Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Devices.

Float Mode is a pretty cool concept - when the G-Force® and Easy Arm® are in Float Mode, the operators can precisely orient the load through the full stroke range by putting their hands right on the load instead of on the controls of the unit.  This gives the operator so much control to precisely place a load. 

We have several end-users who have told us that Float Mode has been a lifesaver for them.  The added control when placing fragile parts really cuts down on costly damaged parts, and that savings goes right to your bottom line.  Here are a few case studies where Float Mode has made all the difference:

Lawn Mower Manufacturer: “Float Mode makes this all possible,” said the Senior Manufacturing Engineer. “When we tried doing this manually, we could only get a few done per hour, and our people were exhausted. Now we can do 15-20 pieces per hour with just one operator who doesn’t get exhausted at all.”

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer:  “Control is the big thing,” said one operator. “Once I lock onto the part with the magnet, I can lift it, rotate it or put it in float mode to position it onto the clamp exactly where it needs to be.”

Hydraulic Motor Manufacturer:  "In Float Mode, the G-Force® basically counterbalances the weight of the cylinder so that it almost seems weightless," said Manufacturing Engineer Jon Seboe.  "Our operator doesn't even need the G-Force® controls to move the part. He can maneuver it into position with his fingertips - just like fine-tuning. Even if the part weighed 300 pounds, the G-Force® can make it seem weightless."   

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Comments  3

  • Joe Wallig 26 May

    Hello, We purchased two of the Easy Arm jibs with the 165#IQ drives. We use these cranes to precisely position and install detectors in a gamma ray tracking array. Each of the detectors have a value of $1,400,000.00 making each lift a critical high consequence lift. I do not know how we would install these without the Easy Arms with the float mode.  They are a quality product from a company that was first class to work with.
    Thank you
  • Susan 27 May

    Wow!  Thanks for the compliment, Joe.  It made our day.  I'm glad the Easy Arms are working out so well for you.  We'd love to feature you and your company in one of our monthly newsletter case studies.  Sounds like your application is exactly what we had in mind when we integrated Float Mode into these units.
  • Mark Grandusky 27 May


    Thanks so much for the comment and I'm very pleased you are benefiting from the precision lifting and positioning capabilities or your Gorbel Easy Arm.  I see you have the iQ model Easy Arm which also comes standard with virtual limits allowing you to set points in the lifting stroke where the Easy Arm will automatically slow down or stop in the upward or downward direction.  The virtual limits have been extremely useful to many other customers with precision assembly applications like yours helping to increase productivity and reduce product damage.  If you have any questions about using virtual limits, you can either contact your Gorbel dealer or contact me directly.  Thanks again for taking the time to share your comments!

    Mark Grandusky
    G-Force Product Sales Manager
    Gorbel, Inc.
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