Gantry Cranes

What are Gantry Cranes?

Gorbel's Fixed and Adjustable Height Steel Gantry Cranes provide an economical way to lift materials anywhere in a facility. The casters enable you to move the gantry around your work area. This is a more cost-effective lifting solution for areas of infrequent lifts than a more expensive permanent structure. Our heavy duty end frame design with square tubing uprights, knee braces and channel base on the adjustable height gantry cranes and square tubing uprights and bases on the the fixed gantry cranes provides stable lifting and movement. Our aluminum gantry cranes are lightweight and collapsible for easy storage.

Types of Gantry Cranes:

•  Fixed Height Gantry Cranes


Redsigned product has reduced shipping costs. Available in spans up to 30' and capacities up to 5 ton.


•  Adjustable Height Gantry Cranes

provide the most flexible lifting solution of any style gantry crane. It can be easily moved and easily adjusted to provide different lifting heights.

•  Aluminum Gantry Cranes

are made from lightweight extruded aluminum track. They have an adjustable span and height and are collapsible for easy storage when not in use.

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