G-Force ergonomic lifting devices

Gorbel Ergonomic Lift Assist Devices & Chain Hoists

Our GS Series Electric Chain Hoists’ compact design makes them a good fit for all types of spaces, including those with low headroom, plus they’re easy to install, maneuver and relocate.

Need a solution that offers more programmability and customization than a traditional hoist? Check out G-Force and Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Devices, which enable operators to lift and maneuver naturally, as if the devices were an extension of their arms. Gorbel's G-Force is a lift assist device that provides a next-level ergonomic lifting solution that provides gravity defying solutions for lifting. The Easy-Arm is an ergonomic lifting arm that pairs the G-force with an ergonomic articulating Jib to provide an all-around solution.

Plus, they offer a combination of pinpoint precision and blazing speeds that traditional lifting devices can’t provide. Choose the G-Force Q2, our feature packed base model, or the iQ2, with added Input/Output features.

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Choose Gorbel’s 40+ years of experience in ergonomic lifting and material handling, backed by countless testimonials from satisfied dealers and customers, to meet your facility’s needs.

Types of Gorbel Ergonomic Lifting
G-Force ergonomic lifting devices

G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device

Easy Arm lift assit devices

Easy Arm

Handle accessories

Handle Accessories

Soft touch pneumatic handles

Soft Touch Handles

GS Series electic chain hoists

GS Series Hoist

Cutting Edge Control Technology

Gorbel's G-Force and Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Devices now have the latest processor, so you get the most advanced features available in the intelligent lifting market today. Our new cutting-edge units are available in two models. Our base model, the Q2, comes loaded with programming features to handle most applications. Got a more complex operation? No worries! Our iQ2 has additional IO points at the handle and in the actuator to give you even more configuration options.

More User Friendly

You don’t have to rely on the handle menu to program your unit! Our updated computer-based visualization interface makes it easy to configure your G-Force from your tablet or PC.

Smarter Q2 Unit

The new Q2 model has more customizable handle-based IO options so it can handle a wider range of simple applications than the previous Q unit could.

Less Custom Programming

We added user configurable IO points on the iQ2 model to limit the need for costly custom programming that our previous iQ unit sometimes required.

Material Handling and Safety HUB

Material Handling & Safety HUB

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G-Force iQ2 Feature

G-Force Q2 and iQ2

View our new G-Force® Q2 and iQ2 models in action!