Three Custom Easy Arms® Solve Safety and Productivity Problems for Matrix Drilling Products


Matrix Drilling Products is a manufacturer of drill rods and in‐hole tools for the gold and mineral mining industry. The work cell consists of six different areas in which the 85lb. Ingots are machined and threaded.

The Problem

In the original application, operators were moving the heavy parts through the production process by hand. The parts are loaded into three different machine centers before moving to the final area of the work cell. The parts must be rotated and articulated into very precise positions, different for each machine, in order to load them properly. Workers attempting to perform this process by hand were required to grip and lift the heavy parts repeatedly all day. 

The Solution

The company decided on three Gorbel Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Devices. Two 165lb. systems were placed in the work cell along with a 330lb system that was equipped with a custom rigid mast for the reach in portion of the process.