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Since 1977, Gorbel has been dedicated to providing high-quality overhead materials handling solutions. Here is just a brief review of some of our highlights.

2015 - 2016


•  Gorbel® introduces the Ranger and Road Ranger Mobile Anchors. These exciting mobile fall protection devices provide a complete fall arrest system “on the go”.
• We expanded our Intelligent Lifting product line to include the Easy Arm® 660 – all the benefits of our turnkey lifting device, but now in capacities to 660 lbs
•  Gorbel® Medical’s product family continues to grow – by the end of 2016, they had the SafeGait 360®, the Embrace Harness, and in fall of 2016, they acquired StepRight LLC, makers of StepRight, a wearable gait and balance training device
•  Gorbel®’s Fishers, NY headquarters undergoes a dramatic change. In October 2015, renovations were completed on the building that houses G-Force® manufacturing and the office space for Marketing, Customer Service, Applications Engineering, and After the Sales Service. In Summer of 2016, renovations were complete for the building that houses our main factory, plus office space for Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Materials, Logistics, and Manufacturing

2013 - 2014

•  New Gorbel Medical Division created for the SafeGait product line
•  Acquire Retrotech building in fishers, NY office park to expand our growing employee base - in process of renovating to house our Customer Service,Applications, After Sales Service, and Marketing Departments by summer 2015 

•  Expanded the Tether Track line to include Free Standing Monorail and Free Standing Bridge Systems, Fold Away Systems, and Swing Arms
•  Rolled out our lightweight, portable Aluminum Gantry Crane
•  Released a mobile App for iPhones and iPads
•  Released Force Sensing Handles for Intelligent Assist Devices

2008 - 2010


•  Grew our product focus to include a new fall protection line - Tether Track Rigid Rail Anchor Systems
•  Easy Arm™ line expanded to include capacities to 330 lb 
•  Introduced PIVOT PRO, a light capacity articulating jib
•  Expanded G-Force® Q-iQ line to include 165, 330, and 660 lb. capacities
•  Released a new Tool Solutions Jibs in capacities of 50 and 150 lbs  
•  G-Jib Intelligent Assist Device released 
•  Today's Industrial Products and Solutions Magazine named Gorbel's G-Jib™ as one of their Top Products of 2010

2005 - 2007


•  Built a new plant outside Bejing, China so we can better serve the Chinese Market.
•  Opened a new sales office and service center in Troy, MI to better serve the Detroit automotive market.
•  Rolled out our Soft Touch Handle line, including a pneumatic handle control which can be used to control any pneumatic device and our G-Force® pendant handle used in conjunction with our G-Force® and Easy Arm™ units.
•  We added a new line of Tarca® Pre-Engineered Crane Systems in capacities to 5 tons. 
•  Added optional accessories for Work Station Crane line that include maintenance gates and tool trolleys
•  Gorbel Named 2006 International Business of the Year (Small Business Category) by the Rochester Business Alliance
•  660lb G-Force® chosen as Plant Engineering Magazine's Gold Medal Winner for Product of the Year.

2001 - 2004


•  Gorbel bought the Cleveland Tramrail® Patented Track line and moved it to our Fishers headquarters. This allowed us to expand our capacities to 40 ton. 
•  We introduced the Easy Arm, which integrated our patented G-Force® technology and industrial processor controlled drive system into an ergonomic articulating jib design.

1996 -2000


•  Gorbel opened a manufacturing plant in Pell City, Alabama, to accommodate the increase in sales from the growth of work station cranes
• web site goes live!
•  Gorbel opened its newest facility in Fishers, NY next to its headquarters. The 32,000 square foot Technology Center is the home of research and development, sales, marketing and information technology departments. 
•  We moved beyond cranes into the realm of Intelligent Assist Devices with the introduction of our G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device


•  Gorbel began training, developing, and empowering their employees in the principles of Total Quality Management
•  Developed 4000 lb. enclosed track cranes, increased the runway and bridge spans to 30'.
•  Introduced new patented aluminum track.
•  Developed new improved trussed steel track.
•  Introduced innovative shipping programs like a 10-day quick ship, then a 5-day quick ship and now a 3-day quick ship, plus our "If it's late we'll pay the freight" programs, where Gorbel pays the going freight rate if we don't have your order ready to ship on or before the scheduled ship date, Gorbel® will pay the going freight rate.
•  The industry's best warranty up to 2 years or 4000 hours of use has now been expanded to 5 years or 10,000 hours of use.
•  New products have been introduced to meet custom crane requirements such as telescoping bridges, interlock/transfer cranes, offset load platforms, aluminum tie rod jib crane, articulating jibs, tractor drives, and Seismic Zone IV Cranes.

1977 - 1993


•  The company was founded as a manufacturer of manually rotated jib cranes. These jib cranes are made from structural steel and are used to lift and move products within manufacturing environments. As Gorbel grew, motorized jibs were added to complete the line. 
•  Gorbel launched a new product line of enclosed track Work Station Bridge Cranes, including free standing work station bridge cranes, ceiling mounted bridge cranes, monorails and work station jib cranes.
•  In a study conducted by the Human Factors Laboratory at Rochester Institute of Technology for Gorbel, it was proven that Work Station Cranes result in productivity increases of up to 28% compared with traditional I-beam cranes. The Work Station Bridge Cranes move so easily that they deliver a 100:1 productivity ratio. Thus an operator can move a 500 lb. load with only 5 lbs. of force. Because of the ease of movement and positioning, the Work Station Cranes contribute to worker safety. View the ergonomic study results...