Tether Track™ Engineered Fall Protection Systems

According to OSHA safety regulations, if your employees work at heights of FOUR FEET or more in general industry, you need a fall protection system. But not all fall protection systems are created equal, you need a system that meets your specific application requirements. Gorbel Tether Track fall protection systems and portable fall protection systems can do that.

Unlike horizontal lifelines, Tether Track Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems provide shorter free-fall distances, reduced risk of secondary fall injuries, such as swinging into obstacles, and no negative impact on a second worker in the event of a fall.

Gorbel is dedicated to improving safety and productivity in every industrial environment. Our permanent fall arrest and portable fall protection systems can be tailored to your specific industrial application— whether it’s indoors, outdoors, stationary, or at multiple locations. Today, Gorbel uses proven concepts to develop unique fall protection systems for protecting workers at heights that meet or exceed OSHA safety standards. By matching the right fall arrest system to your exact job requirements, we offer superior fall protection equipment while keeping productivity at essential levels.


Up to 310 lbs (per person)


Up to 50 ft Clear

Max Support Centers

7 ft to 100 ft

Number of People

Up to 2


Fixed / Collapsible

Track Type

Plain / Trussed


What is Tether Track™?

Tether Track Engineered Fall Protection Systems utilize an innovative enclosed track system to provide worker fall safety and avoid injuries due to falls while maximizing their productivity. Available in a variety of track styles and specifications, all of our engineered fall protection systems meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA safety standards.

The building block for our rigid rail anchor system is our enclosed track design, which is engineered for easy movement. The cold-rolled steel track keeps dirt and dust from settling on the rolling surface, allowing for smoother, more consistent ease of movement than an I-beam with no need for cleaning or maintenance of the track on the fall protection system. The track also features a running flange with a 2-degree taper to keep the trolley centered. That allows the trolley and attached lanyard to easily follow the worker, rather than forcing them to pull free a trolley that has become stuck.

Why Gorbel® Tether Track™?

Gorbel’s engineered Tether Track Rigid Rail Fall Protection Systems are a reliable, cost-effective way to reduce the risk of injury in elevated work environments. Unlike horizontal lifeline systems, these systems enable workers to effortlessly pass one another without disconnecting from the system— minimizing the risk of a fall during the reattachment process. All of our permanent fall arrest systems are designed to meet or exceed OSHA safety standards.

  • STOPS FALLS FASTER: Tether Track requires less fall clearance than wire rope systems, making it ideal for low-headroom applications where overhead fall protection is still required.
  • LOWER MATERIAL AND INSTALLATION COSTS: Tether Track covers greater distances between supports, thus requiring less material to cover the same overall area.
  • SAFER FOR MULTIPLE WORKERS: Unlike wire rope systems, multiple workers are not impacted by each other’s movements.
  • REQUIRES NO STRUCTURAL MODIFICATIONS: Tether Track’s rigid fall protection anchor point eliminates the need to modify building structures.

Types of Gorbel Fall Protection

Bridge Systems

Multiple bridges can be supplied for both ceiling mounted and free standing fall protection systems, allowing multiple workers to utilize the system simultaneously.

Free Standing Monorail Systems

Engineered for areas that require long spans and an independent structure for support, this fall protection system provides a single path of fall protection in a permanent manner.

Ceiling Mounted Monorail Systems

When floor space is at a premium, ceiling mounted monorails can provide unparalleled overhead fall protection while maintaining an open floor plan for material handling, production, or related activities.

Swing Arm System

The Tether Track Swing Arm Fall Protection Systems provide circular or semicircular fall protection within a limited footprint and can easily be moved out of the way.

Fold Away System

Similar to the Swing Arm Systems, Tether Track Fold Away Systems supply convenient permanent fall arrest when extended without sacrificing productivity.

Single Pole System

When numerous obstacles exist in the work space and standard multiple column systems are not practical, single pole systems provide a convenient alternative for worker fall safety.

Tether Track Portable Gantry

The Tether Track portable fall arrest gantry is ideal for applications where a permanent solution is not possible. It allows for single or multiple users to complete their required tasks, and can then be moved out of the way.

Recovery Trolley

The Recover Trolley locks in place when a fall occurs to increase the possibility of the worker regaining composure and reaching the work surface for an efficient recovery from a fall.