Mobile Fall Protection Systems

The versatile Ranger™ Mobile Anchor line from Gorbel® provides the necessary anchorage point right where you need it, indoors or out. Available in two models, the Ranger is the perfect mobile fall protection system for use when maintaining aircraft, railroad cars, industrial equipment or heavy machinery.

Both Ranger models have an adjustable height 2-in. ball coupler that attaches to trucks, or related towing devices. The portable fall protection base model includes integral fork pockets allowing for smooth loading and unloading during transport or for general movement via forklift. All components are easily accessible at ground level for quick adjustment. Mast extends in a direct path for use in tight environments.

  • Easy to position with mast in folded position or fully deployed
  • Fully extends to 18, 20, or 22 ft. height to address a wide range of jobs
  • Allows single user to move freely within a 30 degree work angle in all directions
  • Rugged steel construction and components for superior strength
  • Resilient finish to withstand harsh outdoor and indoor environments
  • Rated for highway towing up to 65 mph (Road Ranger model)
  • Ranger™ Mobile Anchors meet OSHA safety standards and ANSI Z359.6 design requirements for fall arrest systems


Up to 310 lbs


18, 20, and 22 ft

Max Towing Speed

25 MPH - 65 MPH

Number of People

1 person




2,685 lbs - 3,120 lbs


What is a Mobile Fall Protection System?

Our portable fall protection is provides worker fall safety whenever, wherever. Ranger Mobile Anchors permit workers to maneuver and set-up in areas where periodic maintenance and related activities must be performed on large equipment. Additionally, they are the perfect portable fall protection solution when inspections must be performed on outdoor generators, holding tanks and other large pieces of equipment that have no reliable options for tie-off.

Why Gorbel's Ranger Fall Protection?

This addition to the Tether Track™ brand of portable fall protection systems can be easily moved into position and erected. The Ranger’s sleek, balanced design allows for easy towing and transport to and around the job site. Used in conjunction with a full body harness and self-retracting lifeline (SRL), Ranger Mobile Anchors provide a complete fall arrest system “on the go.


Types of Gorbel®Mobile Fall Protection

Ranger Mobile Anchor

Arrest falls anywhere with the Ranger Mobile Anchor system, our portable fall protection system. Simply move it into place and quickly position it for the work being performed.

Road Ranger Mobile Anchor

The Road Ranger Mobile Anchor system delivers all the benefits of the traditional Ranger mobile fall protection, with one key difference: it’s rated for highway travel.