Workstation Cranes and Monorails

Overhead cranes or workstation cranes are used in multiple industries like manufacturing, automotive, aviation, farming, and numerous other industries. for the purposes of heavy lifting and moving heavy loads across distances in a workspace. They are also commonly referred to by several other names including bridge cranes, EOT cranes and track cranes among others. Monorail cranes are ideal for transporting material for painting, coating, blasting and necropsy labs. These systems are mostly used to eliminate worker strain, boost efficiency, protect product, reduce downtime and improve workflow.

Work station bridge cranes and monorails can be used individually or can be readily adapted for applications that are more sophisticated by the addition of extra monorail tracks, curves, and transfers that can be easily configured into a total system. Our systems meet all OSHA standards for material handling:


Up to 4000 lbs


Up to 34 ft


Up to 18 ft

Coverage Area Type

Square, Rectangular, or Linear

Coverage Area





What are Workstation Bridge Cranes and Monorails?

Work Station cranes are a type of industrial crane that consist of a moving bridge that runs across parallel runways. On the bridge, there is commonly attached a hoist or other lifting devices such as a manipulator or intelligent lifting device that travels across the bridge. Bridge cranes cover rectangular work areas. Monorail Cranes are a type of overhead crane that is an alternative to bridge cranes and offer versatility in restricted spaces. Monorail cranes key differentiating factor is its versatility and adaptability to accommodate tight spaces where other cranes and forklifts do not fit.

Why Gorbel's Workstation Cranes?

Gorbel® Work Station Cranes are a proven way to improve productivity, increase quality, and provide a safer work environment. Both the aluminum and steel Gorbel Workstation Crane Systems utilize enclosed track that is high in strength and low in weight, giving you easy movement and long life..

With the ability to span up to 34 ft. and lift capacities between 150 and 4000 lbs., our line of ergonomic crane products guarantees increased productivity. Depending on your needs, Gorbel has the workstation cranes that are sure to handle any project. Have a need for some type of customized material handling solution? Call us, we can design a solution to best fit your application.


Types of Work Station Cranes

Free Standing Bridge Cranes

A free standing bridge crane is intended to be bolted to the floor and to support loads that will be moved vertically and horizontally. One worker can manipulate the load along a series of tracks, including curves and monorails, inside a closed system. This design works well in an area with limited headroom and/or a ceiling that is not strong enough to support a mounted bridge crane.

Ceiling Mounted Bridge Cranes

A ceiling mounted bridge crane works well in a building with a concrete, steel, or aluminum frame covering. This system will sustain a maximum load of 4,000 pounds. When you choose the overhead design, there are no work areas where workers trip over or bump into workstations. The loads move overhead, which also easily accommodates more pedestrian traffic and forklift operations.


An assembly line may involve the movement of a partly assembled product along many tracks within a closed system. Sometimes, it's necessary to move the parts assembly along a single linear path for many feet. A monorail track can be easily integrated with extra track, curves, interlocks, and switches.

Hybrid Work Station Crane

Hybrid Cranes utilize the strength and longevity of patented track with the light weight advantages of Gorbel®’s aluminum enclosed track bridges. Utilizing these two features together allows for greater installation flexibility to meet longer support centers.