G-Force Pendant Handle

    This handle is a two-button infinitely variable control handle for use with our G-Force® and the Easy Arm™. It is an optional alternative to our standard G-Force® slide handle.

    The buttons of the G-Force® Pendant Control require less than one pound of force to depress, making it up to 70% easier than traditional pendants. This reduces the potential for fatigue and repetitive stress injuries of the hand and wrist.

  • Capacities from 5 to 40 ton
  • Straight and/or Curved Path Routes
  • Use to move material through an entire production area
  • Easily changeable and expandable
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RemotePendant-2Views Pendant Handle
  • Infinitely variable for more precise control 
  • Less force required to push levers, reducing the potential for fatigue and repetitive stress injuries 
  • Suspended pendant configurations for maximum vertical lift 
  • Can directly replace any existing G-Force® or Easy Arm™ remote mount handle