Soft Touch Handle

    The Soft Touch Handle is used to control any air or electric powered device or to control end effector tooling for the G-Force and Easy Arm. A common handle base for air or electric applications gives you design commonality and flexibility, whether your application requires air valves for direct control of end tooling, or electric switches to activate your G-Force and Easy Arm inputs.

  • Capacities from 5 to 40 ton
  • Straight and/or Curved Path Routes
  • Use to move material through an entire production area
  • Easily changeable and expandable
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Soft Touch Handle
  • Flexible design easily integrates into new equipment layouts
  • Easy replacement of any standard pneumatic or electric handles
  • Engineered for easy use to reduce potential for fatigue and repetitive stress injuries
  • Offers more flexibility in tooling choices and the ability to customize tooling for applications
  • Costs less than most comparable handles
  • Choose from multiple electric or pneumatic block types
  • Flexible configurations
  • Spool valves are used that require less force to push
  • Handle Collar Clamps
  • Can be used with any air device, including pneumatic balancers, hoists, end effectors

Accessories (Add-Ons):