Easy Arm Intelligent Assist Device

Does your lifting application require a little more than traditional lifting devices can offer? When speed, precision, and programmability matter—choose Easy Arm®.

The Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Arm is a combination of our G-Force lifting device and an articulating jib crane. It is an ideal solution if you are looking for a turn-key, plug and play lifting solution. You get all the strength, precision, and speed of our patented G-Force lifting technology and processor controlled electric servo drive system in the body of an ergonomic articulating jib crane.

There are two Easy Arm models to choose from: the Q2 and the iQ2. The Q2 model is our feature packed base model. It offers the same speed and precision as our higher-end iQ2 model, with 2 user configurable inputs and outputs on the handle. Need more customization? The iQ2 model offers 8 configurable IO points on the handle plus 8 dedicated Input and 4 dedicated Output points at the actuator.

Download our Industry Report: Intelligent Lifting Devices and The ROI of ILD ebook to see if Gorbel’s Intelligent Lifting devices are the right fit for YOUR application.


165 lbs


Up to 10 ft


Up to 180 ft/min

Coverage Area Type


Coverage Area


Input / Output

8 Sinking / 8 FET


What is Easy Arm?

The Easy Arm uses Gorbel’s award winning G-Force technology and integrates it into an articulating jib design for a turn-key plug and play lift assist device. The Easy Arm offers the best of both worlds - the control necessary to finesse fragile parts AND speeds up to 4 times faster than traditional lifting devices.

Why Gorbel Easy Arm?

Easy Arm uses exclusive patented technology and an industrial processor-controlled servo drive system to deliver unmatched lifting precision and speed. Their fusion of advanced technology and basic human guidance maximize productivity while minimizing the risk of injury to operators.


Types of Easy Arm Intelligent Assist Devices

Free Standing Easy Arm

Looking for a solution for a smaller work area that requires 14' spans or less, are easy to install, and are easy to relocate? Free Standing Easy Arm is a solid choice.

Underhung Easy Arm

Need to cover multiple work cells, save valuable floor space, and require a hook height over 11'? The Underhung Easy Arm Model would be your best choice.