Up to 2,000 lbs


Circular to 20'



Coverage Area


Coverage Area




Aluminum Tie Rod Jib Crane

    Aluminum Tie Rod Jib Cranes (AL100) are typically the most economical jib crane types, because they require only a tie rod instead of a full mast for support (Less steel = less cost). They contain a single tie rod, right hand threaded at both ends, for easy boom adjustment and installation. They use a lightweight, high strength extruded aluminum enclosed track boom. These tie rod jibs are ideal for swinging around obstacles or under obstructions. Here are some key features of our Aluminum Tie Rod Jib Crane:

  • Lightweight aluminum enclosed track design
  • Allow for 200° of continuous rotation
  • Available in capacities to 2000 lbs.
  • Sufficient clearance throughout the arc of the boom must exist to accommodate the tie rod suspension
  • Desirable for individual use in bays, along walls of shops and as a supplement to an overhead traveling crane or monorail
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AL100-small AL100
  • Aluminum enclosed track make it 40% easier to move than a comparable I-Beam Jib 
  • Can be mounted to a wall or column 
  • Reduced deadweight of boom


  • Can be mounted to a wall or column

Accessories (Add-Ons):

  • Electric lifting devices
  • Air lifting devices
  • Vacuum lifting devices
  • Circular coverage area
  • Moving loads around corners or through doorways
  • Reaching loads into machines
  • Swinging loads under obstructions