• Novel Destuff-it™ Machine by Gorbel® Primed to Shake Up Supply Chain Industry at MODEX 2024

    by Sarah Weise | Feb 16, 2024

    Engineered to load and unload trailers or floor-loaded products, the Destuff-it™ offers an ergonomic solution for an industry facing rapid growth amidst labor shortages

    Rochester, NY & Atlanta, GA – Gorbel®, a leading material handling innovator headquartered outside Rochester, is set to exhibit its groundbreaking Destuff-it™ machine at the highly anticipated MODEX 2024 supply chain industry trade show in Atlanta from March 11-14.

    The Destuff-it™ represents an ergonomic approach to material handling, defined by semi-automation that assists workers instead of displacing them. Featuring an adjustable hydraulic platform, the machine allows one or two workers to precisely position themselves against floor-loaded product walls for efficient handling. Instead of repetitive reaching or bending, the Destuff-it™ brings workers to the products to significantly reduce strain and fatigue.

    This is revolutionary for operations dealing with a high-volume of trailers and labor turnover, especially in warehouses or distribution centers. “Most containers and trailers are floor-loaded, meaning there are no pallets, just boxes stacked from the floor to the ceiling,” said Vice President of Sales and Customer Experience Pete Friedrich. “It's a tiring job to do if you're just heaving boxes all day long with no assistance from any other kinds of equipment.”

    Gorbel® is excited to exhibit the Destuff-it™ at MODEX 2024, along with their renowned Overhead Solutions, and showcase how these innovative products align with their mission to “Improve People’s Lives.” Attendees can experience live demonstrations and interact with a team of product experts.

  • Gorbel® Wins Platinum Distinction At 2023 Greater Rochester Quality Council Awards

    by Sarah Weise | Oct 19, 2023
    ROCHESTER, NY — Gorbel®, a leading provider of cranes and ergonomic lifting solutions in the material handling industry, is proud to announce that it has been honored with a Platinum Award in Team Excellence from the Greater Rochester Quality Council (GRQC) at their annual Performance Excellence Awards at the Locust Hill Country Club in Pittsford on October 11.

    The mission of the GRQC and purpose of this event is to celebrate local organizations that have demonstrated outstanding performance and continuous improvement. Awards are divided into three categories: gold, silver, and bronze. On rare occasions, a platinum award is granted to organizations that exceed the stringent criteria set forth by the GRQC.

    Gorbel® received this award in recognition of the Destuff-it™ Implementation Project, which involved acquiring the Canadian conveyor system and bringing it to production in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic. This project was completed in just six months and was meant to sustain the company through a period of economic uncertainty.

    "This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and exceptional teamwork exhibited by members of our organization," wrote Franklin Allen, Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement at Gorbel®. "We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers and will continue to innovate and excel in the years to come."

    Sarah Weise on Behalf of Gorbel® Inc.
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  • Gorbel® to Showcase Overhead Lifting Solutions at International Manufacturing Technology Show

    by Susan Griepsma | Aug 24, 2022

    Crane Technology and Ergonomic Lifting Solutions help customers protect their people, productivity, and profits 

    Fishers, NY: Gorbel® announces that they will showcase their industry leading overhead cranes and lifting systems at the International Technology Manufacturing Show at Booth # 237280  from September 12-17, 2022 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Attendees will learn how Gorbel’s cranes and lifting devices transform material handling by enhancing productivity, profitability, and safety.  

    Gorbel’s booth will feature a free standing work station crane, a G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Device, a GS Series Electric Chain Hoist, an Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Arm, and their new tractor drive. Visitors to the booth will be able to have a hands-on demonstration of different Gorbel® lifting devices to see which one might be the best fit for their application.   

    “We’re excited to be back at IMTS. Manufacturing has evolved so much these past few years and the challenges our customers are facing today are different from what they were at the last IMTS show, “ says Rob Beightol, Director of Marketing. “We’re looking forward to talking with the folks that come to our booth, and listening and learning so we can help them find solutions to what’s slowing them down today.”

  • MODEX 2022: Back to the Show Floor and Better Than Ever

    by Susan Griepsma | Apr 01, 2022
    A team from Gorbel® spent this week in Atlanta at the MODEX 2022 show. While we’ve been to and exhibited at a few in-person events over the past six months, the MODEX show, for us, was really our return to in-person exhibiting on a bigger scale as it’s one of the premier shows for our industry.

    Read the full story and view video from the show on our blog
  • Gorbel® Launches New Hybrid Work Station Crane

    by Emma Percy | Apr 08, 2021

    Gorbel® Inc.
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    Gorbel® Launches New Hybrid Work Station Crane

    Hybrid Cranes utilize the strength and longevity of patented track with the lightweight advantages of Gorbel®’s aluminum enclosed track bridges.

    Fishers, NY: Gorbel® is excited to announce the launch of their Hybrid Workstation Crane, an extension of their industry leading, enclosed track work station crane. Hybrid Cranes combine the strength and durability of patented track with the lightweight advantages of Gorbel®’s aluminum enclosed track bridges. Utilizing these two features together allows for greater installation flexibility to meet longer support centers. It also allows for multiple higher capacity bridges to be utilized on a single crane, with no buffers. Here are some key features of the new Hybrid Work Station Cranes:

    • -  Support Centers up to 50’ – With extended support centers there’s fewer floor obstructions. This means an easier installation and more flexibility in the location of your install.
    • -  Multiple bridges with no buffer– Utilizing Gorbel®’s Tarca® supports and runways allows you to support multiple 1000# to 4000# work station crane bridges, without buffers, on a single free standing or ceiling mounted crane system. One Hybrid crane can support multiple work stations or an entire process flow without losing usable crane coverage area to buffers.
    • -  Manual Push/Pull– Optimized for easy manual movement with a custom motorized solution available as well. Or combine with higher capacity, motorized Tarca Patented Track bridge all in a single solution.
    • -  Complete Lifting Solution – incorporate a GS Hoist, a G-Force® lifting device, or both for a complete integrated system. Out of the box, plug and play available for the GS Hoist.

    "Gorbel has been custom configuring Hybrid Cranes for years and now we’ve utilized that experience to optimize and standardize the solution for our customers.” says Scott Goforth, Product Marketing Manager. “This solution fits a unique, but growing niche we are seeing in the industry and we are extremely excited to bring another innovative product to the market that will expand our capability to meet the high standards our customers have come to expect from Gorbel.”

    Learn more about the Hybrid Work Station Crane here.

    About Gorbel®: Gorbel® Inc. is a leader in overhead material handling, ergonomic lifting, and industrial fall protection. Since 1977, Gorbel® has been dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to protect critical investments-people, products, and resources. As an innovator and leader in the enclosed track work station crane industry, Gorbel® has over 40 years of experience providing overhead solutions from 50lbs to 40 tons to customers in a wide range of industries. "We Improve People's Lives" is the cornerstone in Gorbel®’s mission. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality equipment and service available. 
  • Engineered Lifting Systems of Canada Acquired by Gorbel® Affiliate

    by Emma Percy | Sep 18, 2020


    Engineered Lifting Systems of Canada Acquired by Gorbel® Affiliate

    VICTOR, New York, September 18, 2020 – Gorbel Inc. announces that one of its new affiliate businesses has acquired Engineered Lifting Systems (ELS) & Equipment Inc. of Elmira, Ontario.  ELS is a manufacturer, designer, and distributor of a wide portfolio of material handling products used in environments ranging from distribution centers to heavy manufacturing.  Primary products produced in Elmira include Destuff-it™/Restuff-it™ ergonomic conveyor systems for loading and unloading containers, overhead crane systems, transfer carts, and below-the-hook lifting attachments.  Integration of the two companies will begin immediately and is expected to last throughout 2021.

    “The acquisition of ELS allows Gorbel® to build upon our mission to Improve People’s Lives beyond our traditional overhead lifting solutions”, says Brian Reh, Gorbel® CEO.  “In particular, the Destuff-it™ and Restuff-it™ products that protect and assist employees in distribution centers enable Gorbel to effectively enter a market where we have had minimal presence in the past.  Additionally, we intend to add many of ELS’s other products to our overhead lifting offering thus better serving our traditional markets.”

    In addition to growing the manufacturing team and capacity in Elmira, Ontario, Gorbel® is expanding its footprint in the Rochester, New York area in order to meet the anticipated needs that will result from the acquisition.  The increased demand for production is expected to create as many as 90 new jobs in the Rochester area during the next year. 

    About Gorbel®: Founded in 1977, Gorbel® is a leading manufacturer of lifting equipment for use in industries around the world.   Primary products include ergonomic cranes, intelligent lifting devices, hoists, and overhead patented track systems.  Manufacturing locations include Victor and Henrietta, New York; Pell City, Alabama; Goodyear, Arizona; and Tianjin, China. 

    Additional Information:



  • Gorbel Rolls Out New G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Devices

    by Emma Percy | May 12, 2020


    Gorbel Rolls Out New G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Devices
    Q2 and iQ2 ILDs are more user friendly, packed with new features, offer quick and easy customization via the new Smart Connect User Interface, and are capable of networking to leverage data and communication on the plant floor. 

    May 11, 2020  – Gorbel Inc. is pleased to introduce the latest models in their G-Force® and Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Device line – the Q2 and iQ2.

    The new units give users all the intelligence they’ve come to expect from the G-Force® lifting platform, like Virtual Limits, Anti-drop functionality for tooling control, and fault code history log, plus the combination of blazing speeds and precision placement that has made them the choice of industries from aerospace to machining for over 20 years.

    The new units are more user friendly and offer greater intelligence options than Gorbel®’s previous offering:

    • More user friendly – Users no longer need to rely on the handle menu to program their G-Force® or Easy Arm®. Every unit comes standard with a computer-based visualization so users can configure their unit from a PC or tablet.
    • Smarter Q2 unit – The new Q2 model has more customizable handle-based IO options, making it capable of tackling a wider range of applications than its predecessor, the Q unit.
    • Less need for custom programming – Gorbel® added user configurable IO points on the iQ2 model to limit the need for costly custom programming
    • Wireless option – Both units offer built in wireless connectivity so users can service and troubleshoot their units without the need for Ethernet or USB (though Ethernet and USB cables are still available)
    • More global appeal – The handle and visualization user interfaces are now available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.
    • IoT capableBoth the Q2 and iQ2 units have available G-Link Smart Connect, which will enable G-Force® and Easy Arm® units to transmit data locally or anywhere with internet access, allowing users to set parameters and view vital data remotely from their desktop, laptop, or tablet.

    Mark Grandusky, Gorbel®’s Product Sales Manager for the G-Force® and Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Line, says, “Gorbel®’s market leading position gives us the advantage of hearing an enormous amount of customer input from all those companies currently using G-Forces and Easy Arms.  I am excited and proud to be launching the new Q2 and iQ2 models because our customers will be able to see how well we have listened to them.  We are giving our customers an easier to use and more powerful Intelligent Lifting Device.  Auto Float Mode, the addition of input/output functionality on a Q2 unit, and the ability to easily assign a variety of new functions to any input or output are just a few of the new advancements our customers will see.  We also planned for the evolving needs of the more connected factory of the future.  The optional Smart Connect G-Link and G-Link Insights packages empower our customers with tools to monitor, store, trend and analyze data as well as communicate with other devices on their network.  This functionality takes the G-Force® product line to the next level and positions Gorbel® as a key partner in our customers’ Industry 4.0. journey”

    Patented Lifting Technology
    Gorbel®’s G-Force® and Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Devices use exclusive patented technology and an industrial processor controlled servo drive system to deliver unmatched lifting precision and speed. Their fusion of advanced technology and basic human guidance maximize productivity while minimizing the risk of injury to operators. These innovative lifts enable operators to lift and maneuver naturally, as if the devices were an extension of their arms.

    About Gorbel®: Since 1977, Gorbel’s mission has been simple: We improve people’s lives. That mission guides everything we do, from the products and service we provide to our outside customers to the tools we create for our sales force and the work environment we foster for our employees. We have a comprehensive line of Crane Technology products, Ergonomic Lifting products and, a line of Tether Track Fall Arrest Safety Systems. We are a manufacturer of overhead material handling and fall protection products in the industrial sector, and gait and balance therapy products in the rehabilitation world. We’re on the cutting edge of manufacturing; a thriving, growing company that is constantly seeking out new ways to innovate and elevate our products and our processes.

    Contact for Interviews & More Info:
    Mark Grandusky
    Product Sales Manager
    Telephone: 800-821-0086
    [email protected]

    Contact for High Res Photos, etc:
    Emma Percy
    Content Creation Specialist
    Telephone: 800-821-0086, ext. 6286
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  • Tim Loughlin Announced as New Customer Service Director

    by Emma Percy | Apr 22, 2020

    TimLoughlinWe are pleased to announce Tim Loughlin as our new Customer Service Director! Tim has been with Gorbel® since 1995 and will now bring his expertise to the Customer Service department to better serve our customers.

    Tim began at his career at Gorbel® in 1995 as a Customer Service Representative, and within three years he became a Regional Sales Manager in the northeast. In 2011, we launched the Shop Crane product line with Tim as the Product Manager. For the last seven years, Loughlin has been the Sales Channel Manager for the eastern half of the country, while maintaining his role of Product Manager for Shop Crane. Tim has played a key role in many aspects of Gorbel® in his near 25 years, and will continue to move the company forward in his new role.

    Outside of the office, Tim is a father to three kids, Jake (14), Josh (11), and Abby (8). He coaches both of his boys in their Youth Football league, and his daughter is a cheerleader. He and his wife, Kelley, built their dream house about two years ago on a ten-acre piece of land that they have owned for 10 years. When they aren’t enjoying their four wheelers and snowmobiles, Tim spends a lot of time restoring classic cars. He is currently working on a 1965 Chevy C10 truck.

    Tim loves how amazing our culture is at Gorbel®, and is excited to be able to take the knowledge that he’s gotten from his two role models, Pete Friedrich and Dave Reh, to collaborate with the CSRs and Directors in his new role.

    Gorbel® is like home for Tim, and he’s excited to collaborate with new people, hear different perspectives, and learn as he goes. Congrats on your new position, Tim!




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