• Gorbel Makes Top 100 List of Fastest Growing Private Businesses in Rochester

    by Jennifer D'alessandro | Oct 30, 2018
    Gorbel has some exciting news to share! The Rochester Top 100 list of fastest growing private businesses was released last night and we came in at #90!. 

    This annual list is based on sales percentage growth over the past 3 years. Gorbel is proud to say we are one of the larger companies on the list. So compared to smaller businesses, we have a mightier task to grow our percentage at a pace to even make the list.

    Gorbel® has made the list over 15 times, and this marks our first time back on it since 2013. Kudos and a huge thank you to everyone on the Gorbel® team whose hard work and passion helped us earn this recognition! Not only are we Improving Lives every day, we’re doing it on a bigger stage year after year.

  • SafeGait ACTIVE™ Install at Nazareth College

    by Emma Percy | Oct 08, 2018
    There have been some very exciting things happening in the world of Gorbel Rehabilitation! Betty Dolce announced that we have installed our very first SafeGait ACTIVE™ system. The Gorbel team worked long hours last week to install the system around clinic hours. 

    SafeGait Active

    Nazareth College issued our first order and is now the first on the planet with a newly launched SafeGait® product. 

    ACTIVE is installed at first in the York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute, alongside their SafeGait 360® Balance and Mobility Trainer. When the new Golisano Training Center is completed in 2019 it will be relocated there.

    While it’s great to get this first installation in, the real satisfaction is yet to come when there are patients in the system safely jumping after having their ACL reconstructed, or elderly clients practicing falls prevention techniques. Now that, will be awesome.
  • Victor High School Business Management Class Visit to Gorbel

    by Emma Percy | Oct 02, 2018
    On Tuesday, September 25th, Gorbel® had the privilege of hosting a local group of students from Victor High School along with their Business Teacher, Sue Utz. These students are engaged in classes related to business management and have a rather robust curriculum that they study. Some of the areas of focus in their studies for these students include:

    -  Learning the role of Operations Management (Economic, Environmental, Sustainability)
    -  The impact operations has on all business functions (Marketing, Human Resources, Finance implications)
    -  Different types of production methods (Job, Batch, Mass)
    -  Implementing Lean Production and Quality Management ( JIT, Kaizen, Total Quality Management, Benchmarking, National Quality Awards)
    -  Concepts in business: Change, Culture, Ethics, Globalization, Innovation, Strategies



    It is obvious how easy it was to correlate the actvities within Gorbel® to the topics that the students are learning about. In addition to a presentation about Gorbel®, the students had the opportunity to tour the MAIN factory and the Product Demo area (which they really enjoyed in a “hands on” exercise running hoists and G‐Force®!)

    At Gorbel®, we value the Voice of the Customer, and for this visit our visitors were our customers!
  • Crafted Solutions, Customized Successes

    by Emma Percy | Sep 18, 2018
    Gorbel was featured on the cover of Industrial Lifting Exchange’s Summer 2018 edition! A great article was written about us — from our very beginnings with Dave Reh starting Gorbel, to what makes us who we are today.

    Jeff McNeil, VP of Marketing and Innovation, and Rob Beightol, Director of Marketing, were interviewed about Gorbel and everything that makes us tick. Industrial Lifting Exchange did a great job explaining our roots and how Gorbel got to where we are today and where we are going.

    “Ultimately, however, McNeil credits an additional cultural ingredient with consistently driving the company forward. ‘We certainly have a common thread — reliability, speed, and responsiveness — which has been the thread since my first day here, but there’s something else, perhaps best described as restlessness. In that there’s always just a general feeling that we can do better, we’re not satisfied with the status quo, there’s always more things, new things — improvements in our existing business and other businesses that we can get involved in.’”

    Our thirst for innovation and continuous improvement is shown through different events here at Gorbel. Our Kaizen events, Employee Engagement Surveys, and our Continuous Improvement Planning are just a few examples of that “restlessness” that Jeff so perfectly described. 

    To read the full article, click here.

  • New Changes to gorbel.com Website

    by Jennifer D'Alessandro | Jul 31, 2018
    Summer is in the air. With that, it's time to refresh our www.gorbel.com website.

    What new things will I notice? 

    -  The current homepage is now a splash page that represents all of the product categories that Gorbel sells. The splash page will direct you to the appropriate product landing pages within the gorbel.com site or the separate home pages for ShopCrane and Rehabilitation websites.

    -  We have redesigned the landing pages within the site for Cranes, Ergonomic Lifting, and Fall Protection.

    -  You will also notice a different type of menu in the top right hand side of the site header.

    Here is an example of our new homepage. 



Expo Manufactura

Material Handling

Monterrey, MX | Dates: 5-7 February
Booth 1234


Material Handling

Chicago | Dates: 8 - 11 April
Booth 1637


Fall Protection

New Orleans | Dates: 9 - 12 June
Booth 237


Fall Protection

San Diego | Dates: 9 - 11 September
Booth 1823


Material Handling

Toronto | Dates: 30 Sept - 3 Oct


Material Handling

Chicago | Dates: 11 - 14 November
Booth 3574