• Crafted Solutions, Customized Successes

    by Emma Percy | Sep 18, 2018
    Gorbel was featured on the cover of Industrial Lifting Exchange’s Summer 2018 edition! A great article was written about us — from our very beginnings with Dave Reh starting Gorbel, to what makes us who we are today.

    Jeff McNeil, VP of Marketing and Innovation, and Rob Beightol, Director of Marketing, were interviewed about Gorbel and everything that makes us tick. Industrial Lifting Exchange did a great job explaining our roots and how Gorbel got to where we are today and where we are going.

    “Ultimately, however, McNeil credits an additional cultural ingredient with consistently driving the company forward. ‘We certainly have a common thread — reliability, speed, and responsiveness — which has been the thread since my first day here, but there’s something else, perhaps best described as restlessness. In that there’s always just a general feeling that we can do better, we’re not satisfied with the status quo, there’s always more things, new things — improvements in our existing business and other businesses that we can get involved in.’”

    Our thirst for innovation and continuous improvement is shown through different events here at Gorbel. Our Kaizen events, Employee Engagement Surveys, and our Continuous Improvement Planning are just a few examples of that “restlessness” that Jeff so perfectly described. 

    To read the full article, click here.

  • New Changes to gorbel.com Website

    by Jennifer D'Alessandro | Jul 31, 2018
    Summer is in the air. With that, it's time to refresh our www.gorbel.com website.

    What new things will I notice? 

    -  The current homepage is now a splash page that represents all of the product categories that Gorbel sells. The splash page will direct you to the appropriate product landing pages within the gorbel.com site or the separate home pages for ShopCrane and Rehabilitation websites.

    -  We have redesigned the landing pages within the site for Cranes, Ergonomic Lifting, and Fall Protection.

    -  You will also notice a different type of menu in the top right hand side of the site header.

    Here is an example of our new homepage. 


  • Gorbel® Announces New Facility near Phoenix, AZ

    by Emma Percy | Jul 13, 2018

    Victor, NY based company expands business to better serve West Coast states

    Victor, NY: Gorbel® Inc., a Victor, NY based manufacturer of material handling and fall protection equipment, is opening a new facility in Goodyear, AZ. Gorbel® currently has manufacturing locations in New York, Alabama, and China, plus a sales office in Michigan. Expanding to Arizona will increase their presence in the western region of the United States and allow them to better serve the customers in those states.

     “Our mission is simply to ‘Improve People’s Lives’. And we believe that this customer-focused expansion will do just that by bringing production of our ergonomic lifting and safety solutions closer to current and future end users,” said Brian Reh, President and CEO of Gorbel®.

    Gorbel® was founded in 1977 by David Reh, a Clarkson graduate with over a decade of experience selling material handling equipment. In 1990, Gorbel® outgrew their small Fairport location and moved to their current location in Victor, NY, outside Rochester. Brian Reh, David Reh’s son, took over the company as President in 2004, and President and CEO in 2010.

     “We are only as good as our incredible people. I want to thank the restless Gorbel® team and our local development partners in Arizona that have worked tirelessly to make this project a reality,” Brian Reh said. “They defied the odds to bring this facility on-line with a positive mindset, world-class quality results, and in a record timeframe.”

    About Gorbel®: Gorbel® Inc. is a leader in overhead material handling, ergonomic lifting, and industrial fall protection. Since 1977, Gorbel® has been dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to protect critical investments-people, products, and resources. As an innovator and leader in the enclosed track work station crane industry, Gorbel® has over 40 years of experience providing overhead solutions from 50lbs to 40 ton to customers in a wide range of industries. "We Improve People's Lives" is the cornerstone in Gorbel®’s mission. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality equipment and service available. 

    To learn more about Gorbel®, visit https://www.gorbel.com/
  • Gorbel® Inc. Introduces SafeGait ACTIVE™

    by Pooja Sinha, Media Contact | May 31, 2018

    Victor, NY based company launches first of its kind dynamic mobility trainer.

    Victor, NY: Gorbel® Inc., the maker of innovative unweighting and fall protection devices for the rehabilitation and industrial markets, today announced the launch of SafeGait ACTIVE™; an overhead fall protection device that allows patients to move dynamically through treatment sessions. SafeGait ACTIVE™ is designed to treat patients further along the continuum of care and is ideal for hospital based or private practice outpatient clinics. Whether rehabbing an orthopedic or athletic injury, or providing falls management programs for aging adults, SafeGait ACTIVE™ allows therapists to  improve patient’s functional skills without limitations.

    “Listening to customers and focusing our development efforts on addressing their needs has continuously allowed us to launch technology solutions that have real impact on improving the lives of patients and therapists,” Gorbel® President Brian Reh explains. “From that input, Gorbel® is proud to launch yet another ‘first’ in the rehabilitation space. SafeGait ACTIVE™ fills a major hole in the non-robotic, overhead fall protection device market.”

    ACTIVATE Your Patients

    Unlike passive or static devices that limit travel to the horizontal plane, SafeGait ACTIVE™ allows for the freedom of multi-directional movement while also protecting patients as they practice gait, balance, transfer and stair exercises. Exclusive Dynamic Fall Protection (DFP) technology distinguishes between a patient’s intentional movement downward, (i.e. to sit) and a fall so therapists can safely challenge patients and facilitate error. The unique DFP Sensitivity Levels allow therapists to modify fall protection sensitivity to accommodate patients at varying stages of independence.

    Instill Confidence

    Confidence is an important part of the recovery process for a patient and a clinician. Without fear of falling patients can make faster functional gains as they accept higher level challenge and activity during rehabilitation. SafeGait ACTIVE™ provides therapists greater freedom to safely challenge patients during functional mobility tasks.

    “SafeGait ACTIVE™ significantly expands the treatment opportunities for therapists as the only fully dynamic system on the market with a price point that is affordable to even small clinics,” stated Reh. “Our innovation pipeline is looking ever forward and we are excited to continue to take rehab to new heights.”

    Pursue Activities without Limits

    With SafeGait ACTIVE™, therapists can safely challenge patients with more repetitions and intensity as they practice comprehensive activities of daily living. SafeGait ACTIVE™ accommodates a wide range of treatment options that support more productive therapy sessions by mitigating fall risk and enabling multidirectional movement.

    Gorbel Inc. and SafeGait Solutions

    Gorbel has over 40 years of experience providing material handling and rail design in the industrial sector. With the help of experts in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, they design, develop, and manufacture SafeGait Solutions; rehabilitation devices intended to improve patient outcomes. The flagship product in the SafeGait family is the SafeGait 360® Balance and Mobility Trainer, which is a dynamic body-weight support and fall protection system that facilitates a modern, 1:1 therapist/patient interaction in a safe, efficient environment. Other SafeGait Solutions include the SafeGait ACTIVE system and the SafeGait EMBRACE harness.

    SafeGait is Gorbel®’s patented technology that injects innovation into traditional gait and balance therapy. The SafeGait Integrated Rail System and G-Force® technologies are based on almost 40 years of Gorbel’s patented technologies and innovations in designing, building and installing cranes, custom rails and safety solutions. Gorbel is a global leader in the industrial space and serves a wide range of industries.
  • Gorbel® Inc. Wins GOLD 2018 Greater Rochester Quality Council Award

    by Emma Percy | May 14, 2018

    Victor, NY based company receives award for Team Excellence from the GRQC

    Fishers, NY: Gorbel® Inc., a Victor, NY based manufacturer of material handling and fall protection equipment, won the gold award for Team Excellence from the Greater Rochester Quality Council. They accepted the award at the 12th Annual GRQC Showcase and Award Ceremony at Locust Hill Country Club on May 9, 2018.

    Gorbel® was one of 15 finalists in the 2018 Greater Rochester Quality Council Performance Excellence Awards Competition. The competition celebrates quality accomplishments in the Greater Rochester Area. According to their website, the GRQC seeks to discover, recognize and learn from high performing organizations in the Greater Rochester area. The finalists included businesses, not-for-profits and healthcare. 

    Gorbel® was recognized for their continuous efforts for improvement, including companywide interest and desires to improve processes and become more engaged in improvements, and their employee’s participation in multiple Kaizens a year. The word Kaizen describes the systematic approach to making small changes to constantly be improving. As a whole, Gorbel® is hosting 17 major Kaizens in 2018, with smaller Kaizens intermittently.  


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