Conveyor Systems

Destuff-it™ and Restuff-it™ machines can be integrated with a variety of conveyor types, including flexible roller conveyor, telescopic belt conveyor and cascading belt conveyor. We offer an integration kit which enables conveyor to be connected directly to Destuff-it or Restuff-it machines. The type of conveyor required depends on your application, so be sure to speak with a Technical Sales Rep at Destuff-it to discuss suitable options.


What are Conveyors?

Conveyors and conveyor systems move objects from one location to another in a predetermined path. Conveyors are an ideal choice to move objects that are too heavy for workers to carry by hand safely or efficiently. They’re also one of the best solutions when moving objects from one level to another.

There are many types of conveying systems available that are used for various needs in different industries. They can be used almost anywhere, and are much safer than using a forklift or other machine for moving materials. They can move a variety of items of all shapes, sizes, and weights.

Why Conveyors?

Each of the varying conveyor systems have been uniquely specialized to accommodate any need. Cascading belt conveyors have been developed for everyday use in a rough environment and can be expanded and contracted throughout their entire range to suit your needs.

Destuff-it partners with FMH Conveyor, A World Class Manufacturer of Conveyors. As North America’s leading provider in fluid truck loading and unloading material handling solutions, FMH Conveyors has led the industry for years.

For Telescopic Conveyor we utilize MaxxReach, who is the leader in supplying the material handling industry with high volume loading and unloading solutions.


Types of Conveyors

Cascading Belt Conveyor

Cascading belt conveyors can easily be moved from dock to dock. In addition, the conveyor system can be linked to control and sorting functions including counting, scanning & weighing.

Flexible Roller Conveyor

With its innovative design, the flexible roller conveyor requires less storage space when fully retracted and can service multiple dock doors for maximum productivity.

Telescopic Conveyor

Telescopic conveyors provide the highest level of productivity for large volume, shipping and receiving applications at any type of distribution center.

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