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Circular to 20'


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Coverage Area


Coverage Area




Mast Type Jib Crane

    Mast Type Jib Cranes are floor supported, top stabilized, and capable of 360° rotation via a top and bottom bearing assembly. They are the most cost effective of the 360° rotation jib styles because their efficient design usually requires no special foundation. Here are some key features of our Mast Type Jib Crane:

  • 2 available styles: Full Cantilever or Drop Cantilever
  • Mast type cranes are the most cost effective of the 360° rotation jib styles because of their simple, efficient design that usually requires no special foundation
  • Exerts the least amount of force of any Gorbel® jib on its supporting structure
  • Uses a self-aligning radial bushing at the top which cannot be displaced, and an identical self-aligning radial bushing at the bottom which, when used in combination with an oil-impregnated bronze thrust washer, provides ease of movement
  • Mast/beam connections eliminate the need for tie rods or knee braces found on competitive designs, thus permitting maximum trolley travel

  • Prior to selecting a Mast Type Jib Crane for your application, three key requirements must be met. An adequate structural support to stabilize the crane at the top of the mast must exist. If the jib is installed underneath an overhead crane runway or building truss, then the deflection of the supporting member may not exceed 1/2 inch. There must be clearance overhead for the pivot assembly and the boom to rotate.

Mast Type - Drop Cantilever Full Cantilever Mast Type Jib Mast Type jib crane application photo
"When it came down to ease of use, it was by far Gorbel®, there was no one that was even close to having a system that worked as well or easy as the Gorbel® system."
  • No special foundation required making it the most ecomomical of our 360 degree rotation jibs 
  • Full Cantilever option provides maximum amount of lift where full use of available headroom is desired 
  • Drop Cantilever option allows for specific placement of the boom to clear overhead obstructions


  • MT400 Full Cantilever - Provides maximum amount of lift where full use of available headroom is desired
  • MT450 Drop Cantilever - Jib boom can be placed at a specific height to clear overhead obstructions

Accessories (Add-Ons):

  • Top and bottom entry collectors
  • Motorized kits
  • End stop kits
  • Fusible disconnect switches
  • Tagline assemblies
  • Special finishes available based on application requirements
  • Download full list of Jib Crane Accessories
  • Heavier loads from 1 to 5 ton
  • Often used when the thrust and pull exerted by other crane types is too great
  • Economical enough to dedicate to a single work cell
  • Supplement a larger overhead crane
  • Localized handling
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