Up to 2,000 lbs


Circular to 20'



Coverage Area


Coverage Area




Wall Mounted Articulating Jib Crane

    The Wall Mounted Articulating Jib Crane is perfect for applications that require maneuvering under obstructions or around obstacles and there is an adequate wall/column to support the crane. Here are some key features of our Wall Mounted Articulating Jib Crane:

  • Capacities up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Circular coverage: standard spans to 16'
  • Mounted to wall or column
  • 200° rotation on the primary boom
“Even though we only used it for the two months, the cost of the jib was much better than the alternative of closed lanes. It was the right tool for the job, and exactly what we needed.”
  • Up to 200 degree rotation in the primary boom and 360 degree in the secondary boom 
  • Provides a clear work area with no floor obstructions and requires minimal overhead clearance for installation


  • Electric lifting devices
  • Air lifting devices
  • Vacuum lifting devices

Accessories (Add-Ons):

  • Air swivel for boom and / or arm
  • Collectors for boom and / or arm
  • Rotation stops for boom and / or arm
  • Circular coverage area
  • Moving loads around corners or through doorways
  • Reaching loads into machines
  • Swinging loads under obstructions
Articulating Jib Crane assists in building and maintenance of Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Download

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