1,000 lbs to 6 Ton - Total
1,000 - 4,000 lbs per Bridge


Up to 34'


Up to 20'

Coverage Area

Square or Rectangular

Coverage Area

Width: 34' / Length: Unlimited



Hybrid Work Station Crane

    Hybrid Workstation Cranes are an extension of Gorbel®’s work station crane line. Hybrid Cranes utilize the strength and longevity of patented track with the light weight advantages of Gorbel®’s aluminum enclosed track bridges. Utilizing these two features together allows for greater installation flexibility to meet longer support centers. It also allows for multiple higher capacity bridges to be utilized on a single crane, with no buffers. Here are some key features of our Hybrid Work Station Cranes:

  • Support Centers up to 50’ – match your building’s support structure or minimize floor obstructions
  • Multiple bridges with no buffer– take full advantage of a single crane installation with multiple bridges and no buffers
  • Manual Push/Pull– save on installation and maintenance by using a higher overall capacity crane with manual bridge and runway movement
  • Complete Solution – incorporate a GS Hoist, a G-Force® lifting device, or both for a complete integrated system
  • Read through articles on the benefits of utilizing Work Station Bridge Crane and Monorail Systems:

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Hybrid-image (3) hybrid-image (2) Hybrid Ceiling Mounted Work Station Crane Hybrid Free Standing Work Station Crane Hybrid Workstation Crane Hybrid Work Station Crane
  • Light, enclosed track aluminum bridges for easy movement and long life
  • Multiple bridges with no buffers to maximize the useable space
  • Large overall capacity to accommodate multiple workstations or a long work flow
  • Combine manual aluminum enclosed track bridged with motorized patented track bridges to meet the lifting needs of the entire operation in one crane


  • Free Standing or Ceiling Mounted

Accessories (Add-Ons):

  • Bridge Motorization
  • Special finishes available based on application requirements
  • Applications servicing multiple work stations or a longer work flow
  • Applications needing multiple bridges with manual operation and/or no buffers
  • Parts Assembly
  • Palletizing loads
  • Machining
  • Injection Molding
  • Large Vehicle Service Centers
Overhead cranes drive GM V6-engine plant in engine transmission assembly Download
Work Station Cranes support air balancers and gun welders in high end tool storage box production Download
Work Station Crane lifts meat slabs from pallets to conveyors for pet food manufacturer Download
Interlock System lifts and lowers air conditioning units into dip tank for seal testing Download
Work Station Crane with Custom Supports eliminates manual lifting of parts for pump components Download
Work Station Crane increases productivity for glass mirror manufacturer Download

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