Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase Gorbel® products? 
Gorbel® products are sold through an extensive network of distributors across North America and in major markets throughout the world. Call us at (844) 268-7055 to find a Gorbel® distributor in your area. 

Where do I find the Serial Number of my Gorbel® Product?
Our serial number can be found on the crane itself, on the front of the installation & maintenance manual, on the general arrangement drawing, and on the order verfication. The serial number is a six character sequence: 123456

How do I order parts for my Gorbel® Product?
In order to get the correct parts you will need the Serial Number off the Gorbel® Crane System. You may either contact the dealer that sold the equipment originally or contact Gorbel® at (844) 268-7055
for other options or if you cannot locate the serial number.  

When is customer service available? 
Our customer service department can be reached Monday - Thursday 7am-6pm and Fridays from 7am-5pm Eastern Time. 

My G-Force® or Easy Arm™ unit isn't working right.  Who should I call first?
We encourage you to contact the dealer who sold you your unit first.  They are in a much better position to get to your site quickly to deal with situations that can't be handled over the phone.  If your dealer is unable to help you, you can call the Gorbel Service Department at (844) 268-7055.

How do I adjust the speeds on my G-Force® or Easy Arm™ unit?
Put the unit into Program Mode and then use the Speed Menu.

I purchased a Q2/iQ2 Model G-Force/Easy Arm. How do I find/download a VNC Viewer for the Smart Connect User Interface?
Please follow the guidelines in our VNC Viewer Installation Guide.


If I know nothing about your products, how do I find the best options for my application?
We have a wizard that will take you through questions about your application and point you in the right direction. Find the product wizard

I am an Architect / Engineer looking to Specify Gorbel® products. Where do I find CSI Specifications? 
We have an Architect & Engineering website just for you! At the site you can view and download 3 part architectural specifications in either .doc or .pdf format and configure a crane complete with drawings and loading information. Find out more..

I just purchased a Gorbel® Crane, how do I register the warranty?
 You can go on-line and fill out the form

Who should I contact if my order is lost or has missing or damaged parts? 
Make a note on the bill of lading of what is missing or damaged then contact the freight company. If items are damaged a freight claim will need to be filed immediately, as carriers will only accept claims during the two weeks following a delivery.