Gorbel® Work Station Cranes: Matching Workflow and Increasing Productivity


A brand new facility for Sellick opened up opportunities to improve the assembly processes. They had visited several trade shows where they had tested multiple systems.

The Problem

In the old Sellick facility the company was faced with multiple restrictions including height, ceiling restrictions and columns that populated the floor space with 15 foot centers. Very little movement was possible while assembling their products and they needed to utilize a fork truck for some of the processes.

The Solution

Two Gorbel® free standing workstation cranes were installed in the fabrication area and an 8 bay Free Standing System for the assembly line. The assembly operators at Sellick Equipment are pleased with the Gorbel® systems ease of use. Sellick Equipment stated, “when it came down to ease of use, it was by far Gorbel®, there was no one that was even close to having a system that worked as well or easy as the Gorbel® system.”