Education: Fall Protection

A fall arrest system is an active means of protecting workers from falls in elevated environments. When using fall arrest systems, one of the most critical considerations is choosing a safe anchor point that offers total protection when used with full body harnesses and self-retracting lifelines (SRL).

With Tether Track™, guesswork is removed from the process, as your workers are assured a fully engineered anchorage system developed for their specific job. After all, keeping them productive and safe is the essence of our system. The complete system, consisting of full-body harnesses, retractable lifelines, and Tether Track as the essential anchor, provides a high degree of mobility and freedom to perform tasks while stopping falls in the shortest distance possible.

"The Gorbel system gives us the most flexibility,” said the safety engineer. “We can get four operators up onto a machine and have them all tethered so that we can throw maximum manpower at building the machine."