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Ten Key Reasons to Buy Tarca Track

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Tarca and Super
Tarca Track
Other Patented Track I-Beam Track
1. Proven Performance and Reliability High Average Low
2. Productivity Factors:
  • Track life
Highest High No Comparison
  • Carrier/End Truck Failures
Low Average High
  • Maintenance Costs
Low Average High
  • Installation Cost
Low Average High
  • Track Accessories
Wide Choice Limited Choice Not Available
3. Peen Resistant Track Treads Peens Evenly on Both Sides Peens Less Evenly Peens Unevenly
4. Track Proportioned to Loading Conditions Yes Yes with Limitations Seldom
5. Range of Track Series Wide Average Limited
6. Rail Width Standardization Yes Yes No
7. Safety Factor 5+ 5 5
8. Quality Assurance in Manufacturing
  • 100% Certified Weld Penetration
  • Straight (Minimum Distortion)
  • No Certification
  • Average Distortion
  • Not a Composite Track Design
  • Mill Tolerances Only
9. Track Installation Minimum Time & Cost Average High
10. Provision for Electrification Assemblies Die-punched or Drilled Equally Spaced Holes during Manufacturing Holes Drilled in the Field Holes Drilled in the Field

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