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Crane Spotting...The Weather Outside Is Frightful!
Jennifer D'Alessandro

I think the title about sums it up for those of us located in the snow belts right now.  The weather outside is frightful and our winter came early this year. Its bitter cold and football games have been cancelled because of too much snow on stadium domes (has this ever happened before??). All of this makes me think of a photo that was sent to me before all this nasty winter weather came.  And for some reason now this photo is haunting me.  

The crane in the image below is a jib crane that was spotted by one of customer service reps while on vacation in the Florida Keyes.  It is located on one of the seven islands of the Dry Tortugas about 70 miles off Key West. Even though we at Gorbel cannot claim it as one of our own, it is haunting me.  The last few times I have googled looking for an overhead crane or jib crane image, this picture has come up. I finally decide that in order to get it out of my head I had to post it. So here you may help cheer you up if you're experiencing the winter weather blues already.

Dry Tortugas Jib Crane

In fact, I volunteer myself to be flown there if this crane ever needs to be serviced. So whomever this belongs to leave a comment...let's chat.

Jib Crane
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Comments  4

  • Keith Bailey 14 Dec

    Hey Jennifer, I'll supply the tools if you bring me.
  • Jennifer D'Alessandro 16 Dec

    Absolutely Keith! Bring it on...
  • Kyle Thill 17 Dec

    I would appreciate being taken along with you as say an apprentice.
  • Jennifer D'Alessandro 29 Dec

    Sure Kyle...join the party.  Anyone else?
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