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What's Wrong With This Application?

Last month's application photos for our What's Wrong series seemed pretty simple. The 3 people who posted comments were all correct in that the bridge is too short. The end truck should have been placed on the other side of that bolt on the bridge. This is a dangerous situation...the bridge could easily pull out of that end truck and fall. Thanks afan@mks, Jack Hall, and Tim for your participation.

Here is the next in the series. This is the first Cleveland Tramrail that we have had thanks to Judy Pascoe in Customer Service.



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Comments  9

  • Brian 16 Aug

    Obviously these rails have been moved from somewhere else and reinstalled as they are.  The big standout here is that there is no hanger at the splice joint.  This is also one of the ugliest welds I have ever seen.  The lack of support may lead to failure.
  • Ken Van Kley 25 Aug

    The most obvious issue is no support at the joint.  The splice plates are not designed for this type of loading.  I've seen them fail because of failed Unitor supports, and a failure here with no support at all would be catastrophic.
  • Joe DeMott 26 Aug

    I have to agree with Ken and Brian about the lack of support at the splice location. Also, where they welded (on the end of the web) is not the recommended location(s) to weld on these splice plates. Some other concerns that I would look at is the Top Flange splice plate (what little is there) and evaluate the Tarca Track tread for wear (Is the raised tread gone or less than an 1/8" high, and has the width of the track decreased by more than 1/8"?).
  • Jeff Sagle 26 Aug

    In addition to the previous comments, it appears that the two rails are not properly aligned.  The bump caused by this mis-alignment as the endtruck passes over the joint will cause additional stresses on an already faulty splice.  A major accident waiting to happen.
  • Skip Burkeholder 26 Aug

    Welll there are three things I see that could have been done better. 1) there is no hanger or support at the joint. 2) the welded splice plate is not welded per the installation instructions, and 3) the top splice plate is not completely welded. This is one of the worst splices I have seen.
  • Keith Cooper 26 Aug

    No support at splice, bad weld, weld not cleaned, no touch up paint, splice not installed correctly, rail not alligned, top splice platenot big enough and not fully welded,
  • Richard Vandemark 26 Aug

    I agree with all the comments: no support; very bad weld; track mis-alignment; improper splice; etc, plus it looks like the tracks are different heights - maybe just a bad photo.  Judy must have had a ball with this one.  I had a foundry (hot metal) owner who welded 2 bridge tracks together (to make them long enough) & when the weld failed was going to sue everybody.  Lots of luck buddy, tell your lawyers to call us, we won't call you
  • Do Huu Thanh 27 Aug

    my opinion is no need support at the joint if one of two ends near the column, things i care are:
    1/ the top splice plate is too short compare with the length of rails.
    2/ type of joint wedding is  too careless to accept.Why don't use  the plates on both sides to make joint?
  • Jennifer D'Alessandro 29 Aug

    Great comments everyone! Can't wait to hear them for the next post. If you have any photos that we could include in our posts please email them to:
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