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What's Wrong With This Application?

Last month's what is wrong post brought in a slew of comments and raised a ton of valid concerns with the application. Thanks to all of you that took the time to post your comments. I think that is the most we've had for this type of post. So let's keep the trend going and continue to give us your valuable feedback.

These photos were sent in by a Gorbel distributor to one of our customer service reps, Gary Wood. What do you think is wrong with this system? What are the best options for this customer to rectify the issue(s)?




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Comments  7

  • Tim Millsap 21 Sep

    I know you guys did a safety bulletin a couple of years ago about the castellated track shown above.  These have a history of failure and should be replaced or at least watched carefully. 
  • Jennifer D'Alessandro 21 Sep

    It is nice to know that people pay attention to the things we talk about. Thanks Tim for remembering! 
  • Eric Brown 21 Sep

    That Tim Millsap is a smart guy!
  • Wayne Lewis 16 Oct

    Great story, but I would appreciate if you could get me specific photos or stories of arch beam failures.

  • Jennifer D'Alessandro 18 Oct

    Wayne, our CT Product Manager may be able to help with specifics.  His name is Brian O'Reilly and he can be reached at 585-924-6381.
  • Stacey 25 Oct

    Here is some more information on Arch Beam.
    Contact customer service at 800-821-0086 as well.
  • stacey 25 Oct
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