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  • Jennifer D'Alessandro

    Justin Romagnola is the Technical Support Rep for our Tether Track™ fall arrest product line. He started working in the customer service department providing support to our distributor network and end customers.

    "As we started to see a fast increase in the inquiries for the Tether Track™ product, I started focusing on that line, being the customer service rep who handled all those  requests.  I liked the challenge of something new that we hadn’t been too involved with in the past, and I also liked having the ability to use my creativity to help solve unique applications," said Justin.

    "Eventually, it was decided that we should have someone internal dedicated to supporting the Tether Track™ product, so I was moved from my position in customer service, over to the sales department and became the Technical Sales Support Rep for the line."

    For his current position he completed the 40 hour OSHA Competent Person, Trainer, and Inspector course, giving him the knowledge he needs to be a technical expert in the field. Watch the video to learn more about Justin and what he can do for you...

    Have a question about Fall Protection Anchor Systems? Please feel free to use Justin as a resource whenever you have a question, a unique application, or would like some field support. Call him at 1-800-821-0086 or email him at

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  • To meet the demands of applications calling for long spans and outdoor design, the Tether Track line of fall protection anchorage systems has recently been expanded. The additions include freestanding cantilevered monorails in standard lengths up to 204’, longer trolley saddles, and designs with built-in wind and ice factors. These new systems are ideal for outdoor applications such as loading/unloading flatbeds, railroad car maintenance; or for any activity requiring longer spans, whether outdoors or indoors.

    By expanding the line to include these systems as part of our standard offering, the goal is to continue to serve the market with industry-leading lead times, while simultaneously offering products built with the exact job requirements in mind. Additionally, numerous options including a special primer/paint combination, epoxy, or galvanized coating are available for maximum protection in most environments.

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  • You've heard all the statistics. You've heard the chatter all across the web and in organizations about fall protection and fall arrest. You know it's important and you want to protect your workers, but where do you start?

    You can start by joining us for a 1 hour webinar on June 19th at 2:00 PM EDT. This webinar will help you write a detailed, site-specific fall protection plan that addresses fall protection goals. You will learn how to identify which fall protection system best fits a specific application, how the chosen system will integrate into your workplace to ultimately keep the workplace safer, and how to prepare a rescue plan in the event that something goes wrong.

    The webinar will be presented by our own Kevin Duhamel. Kevin is a North American product manager with Gorbel Inc. and has more than 15 years of safety industry experience along with expertise specializing in fall protection since 2008. He is a certified fall protection–competent trainer and inspector.

    Register for the webinar today

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  • Jennifer D'Alessandro

    You hear a lot in the news about workers falling and getting injured while on the job.  Commercials for law firms specializing in fall injury suits flood TV advertisements.  So why do employers let their employees work at unsafe heights without protection and why do workers think that they are invincible and cannot be injured?  The answers to these questions are different because buildings and work environments are unique.  Work practices are varied as is the safety equipment available.

    So what exactly is Fall Protection Equipment and how does an employer muddle through all the information to provide the best protection for employees?

    Fall protection systemLet's start with a definition.  Fall protection or a fall arrest system is an active means of protecting workers from falls in elevated work environments.  A complete fall arrest system includes an anchor system, a body harness, and a connector - such as a shock-absorbing lanyard or a self-retracting lifeline (SRL).   

     OSHA 1926 standards requires fall protection for all employees who work at heights, defined as:

       - 4' per OSHA 1910 General Industry Standards

       - 5' per OSHA 1918 Long Shoring Standards

        - 6' per OSHA Construction Standards

    There are also the ANSI family of Z359 fall protection standards.   These standards are an attempt to help make matters better and to get more standardization around technology and equipment to help normalize the fall protection practices for everyone.

    Errors happen, people get complacent...a little common sense and a lot of training for businesses and employees can go a long way in preventing accidents. 

    Help your workers stay safe by using fall protection equipment like Gorbel's Tether Track™ Fall Arrest system. These fall protection systems provide workers with a high degree of mobility and freedom to perform a task while helping to prevent falls. 

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