November 11, 2021 - Veteran's Day & Remembrance Day

David Pritchard
| Nov 11, 2021


Today, November 11th,
we celebrate Veteran’s Day in the USA and Remembrance Day in Canada.

While named differently, the meaning of each has one common theme – honoring all those that have served and continue to serve in our militaries defending and protecting our freedoms.

Remembrance Day in Canada, though, has additional meaning.  It is also a day to reflect on those Canadians who lost their lives while serving their country.  Many wear a poppy flower as a tribute.

Even though this celebration and recognition is linked to today’s date, we continue to benefit each and every day from the service of our Veterans.  And honestly, we also benefit from the support that our Veteran’s families have provided to those who served and continue to serve protecting our liberties.

We are blessed to live in countries that support and defend the personal freedoms that each of us enjoy, all accomplished through our Veteran’s individual service in our two countries.  This will never be forgotten.

To all our Gorbel® American and Canadian Veterans, thank you for your individual commitment, sacrifices and service defending our freedom and bringing peace and security to families across the United States, Canada, and beyond.  We are grateful for each of you.


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