University of Rochester Simon Business School Boot Camp Visit!

Emma Percy
| Jul 30, 2019

On July 23rd, Gorbel® welcomed the University of Rochester Simon Business SchoolDSC_7424_CCsmaller Boot Camp — a three week Summer program that allows High School students from around the world (Grades 11 and 12) to explore creative ideas, entrepreneurship and collaboration. The students that visited us were from throughout the United States, Canada, China, Egypt and Spain.     

The intensive program engages students to work in teams to create their own businessplans, visit some of the top local businesses for inspiration while completing courses in marketing, career prep, and teamwork that allow the students to explore the world of business — from practicing their pitch to developing a business strategy.

The students interacted with David Pritchard, VP of Sales & Customer Experience, during his ‘Welcome to Gorbel®” presentation, followed by a tour of the Gorbel® Rehab – Gaitway Center and the Gorbel® Sales & Marketing Building 590 Product Demo area.

Below are LinkedIn comments from two students:

“Thank you so much, Mr. Pritchard! Out of all the companies I have visited during this incredible (U of R) Business program experience, Gorbel was hands down my favorite one! I was very intrigued by your presentation, and I was impressed by the company's overall goal of making life more efficient (and improving their lives), as demonstrated by the cranes made by Gorbel®… Thank you for a memorable experience at Gorbel!” 

-Aneesh G. 

“Hey Mr. Pritchard! I really enjoyed the visit to Gorbel because it felt clean and really professional (i also didn't mind the endless cookies and beverages). I'll definitely remember this trip specifically because it challenged my negative beliefs about business practices. I really respect the fact that Gorbel can retain both creativity, morality, and still meet deadlines. Thanks for the hospitality!”

-Jason L.


The visit was definitely, “ A Class Above” !

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