Getting to Know Gorbel: Jennifer D'Alessandro

Emma Percy
| Sep 26, 2019

Jennifer D’Alessandro is our Web Services Supervisor within the marketing department.PLP_4932_JENNIFER_D'ALESSANDRO_12x18 She has been with Gorbel® for 25 years! Her main role is to help develop and grow a team of three, including a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and Digital Marketing Specialist. Her main tasks fall into developing processes to ensure we have a clear vision of projects/expectations and also to manage, develop, and update our many websites (Gorbel®, Rehabilitation, language sites, etc.).


What’s your life like outside of the office?

Outside the office I keep busy with my family traveling in the spring and fall for my 14 year old daughter’s basketball league and going on weekend family excursions. We love paddle boarding and kayaking, sand, sun and the beach in the summer! In the winter, well, if you know me I am huddled up in front of the fireplace in the comfort of my nice warm home.


Who is your role model and why?

My Father is my role model. He passed away from cancer eight years ago but he was such an integral part in who I am today. He was a high school gym teacher and football coach. One of the most enlightening things for me happened during his calling hours. The adults he had coached back in high school who came (and there were many) told us how grateful they were for my father who was always tough, but fair and how he pushed them to better themselves. He was very well respected by both students, athletes, and adults for the person that he was.    


What is your favorite part of your job?

The best part of my job are the people that I work with on a daily basis and those in other buildings around the campus that I do not get to see that often!


What is your favorite memory from your time here at Gorbel®?

I have so many great memories in my time here, there is not just one favorite memory but 25 years of incredible memories.


What motivates you to do what you do here? What are you most excited about?

My motivation comes from trying to provide the best possible environment to work in for our team and for our customers. I have discovered over the past few years that I am very process oriented and I am excited about trying to improve processes both in the department that I work in and the organization.


Do you have any important people in your life who have been a mentor to you? Who were they and why?

First and foremost, my parents. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today without their unconditional love and support. Next the rest of my family for the same reasons. My work mentor would be Jeff McNeil, the current Vice President of Marketing and Innovation, who was my direct supervisor for 23 of my 25 years here.  Jeff took me under his wing when Gorbel® first decided that the organization needed a marketing department (many years ago). Jeff, over the years, recognized strengths in me that I never realized myself. He helped to nurture and grow those strengths over the years. He was the one that helped me to take the leap and move forward with taking on a project management certification program. That program has helped me immensely in my current role as a leader.


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