Enhancing Your Safety Training: Gorbel's Fall Protection Guide

Emma Percy
| Oct 01, 2019

Gorbel Fall Protection
The path to effective fall protection begins with a top-notch safety training program. When properly organized, safety training will effectively engage employees and prime them for safe and productive employment. Here are some tips to help you design a safety training program that will help you in your mission to prevent falls. 

  • Consider using a learning management system (LMS). Supplementing your hands-on safety training with an online training platform (an LMS) is useful in multiple ways. First, an LMS enables employees to learn about safety policies using their favorite mobile device. Second, employees can master safety policies at their own pace. And third, companies save time and money on training expenses because learning can take place at any location. 
  • Make fall protection a point of emphasis. With OSHA citing falls as one of the most common causes of work injuries and deaths, it is paramount that employees receive in-depth training on fall protection strategies. Employees should have a strong working knowledge of the most common causes of falls and the specific measures they can take to avoid high-risk situations. 
  • Do not overlook seasonal and temporary employees. Seasonal and temporary employees play a key role in successful supply chain and warehouse operations - especially during the holidays. With the National Retail Federation (NRF) reporting that holiday sales represented 20% of sales produced in 2017, you need to make sure that employees receive a

thorough introduction to safety and compliance procedures. Failure to properly train temporary staff can increase your risk of employee injury and OSHA violations.  

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