Getting to Know Gorbel: Linda DeMuth

Emma Percy
| Jun 04, 2020

picLinda DeMuth is one of our Senior Service Specialists and has been with Gorbel® for 20 years!

Linda mainly handles after the sale issues with our dealers, reps, end users and potential new customers. She answers install questions, proves drawings/schematics, is a detective when material is missing or wrong, and much more! Linda is also on the ERP Governance Team, Rec Committee, Car Show organizer and the Chairman of the Gorbel® United Way campaign.

Twenty years ago, Linda was working for Han-Tek, which was part of the Raytec Group owned by Gorbel®’s owner, Dave Reh. In 2000, Gorbel® had an opening for a Service Specialist, and because of Gorbel’s excellent reputation, Linda knew she would be a great candidate for the job. Through all of her years, her favorite part of her job is helping people out – both internal and external customers.

Linda has had many great memories since she started working at Gorbel® in 2000. “One sticks out,” Linda said. “Helping out with the Gorbel 40th anniversary party in 2017.  One of my task was to help raise funds in our 50/50 drawing.  With the help of everyone here at Gorbel®, we raised over $6,000.  Brian Reh doubled that amount.  We also had an anonymous donor give $6,000.  So we ended up raising a total of $18K.  The person who won the 50/50 of the $6K gave their portion back.  The $18K was then divided to our dealers in Texas that just had experienced one of the worst storms in their lives.”

Outside of the office, Linda and her husband own a beef cattle farm. She is also a member of the Ontario County United Way Women’s Leadership Council and RIT Women’s Leadership Council. She also helps a fellow Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) beef farmer with maple syrup season.

Linda said she loves working for a company that always continues to “do better – either in metrics or with their employees.”

“I’m always excited to see what the “new” adventure Gorbel® will undertake.  Never a dull day here!  We work hard and we play hard.  That’s the Gorbel® Family!”

Thank you for a wonderful 20 years, Linda! Here’s to many more!

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