Getting to Know Gorbel: Mike Kribs

Emma Percy
| Jan 08, 2021

KRIBS_MIKE_DSC_5476_CCsmallerAlthough Mike Kribs’ title is “Welder” at Gorbel, his experiences here have been much more multi-faceted than production alone. Whether he is designing and installing fabrications to make safety improvements in the shop, actively training newly hired welders as well as offering support to those interested in transferring to weld, or assisting in community efforts such as the application process for the RABEF ETHIE award and job fairs for our new manufacturing facility, Mike brings enthusiasm and commitment to the health of Gorbel, alongside the people here with him.

Learn more about Mike: 

How long have you been at Gorbel®?
5 years! I was brought on with a small, multi-disciplined team to help establish a new, 3rd shift in Gorbel‘s Main factory, in May 2015. I’ve been in the weld department throughout my career here at Gorbel, and have been a team member on each shift, recently working 2nd shift to afford an opportunity to homeschool my 2 children, before transitioning to our new facility in Henrietta, NY!  

What’s your life like outside of the office?
My wife, EmmaJaye, and I have two children, 9-year-old Odessa, and Yurik, who is 7. They kept me busy this summer! Riding bikes and scooters wherever we can find a fun park or trail to explore. We have a home in the city of Rochester and have two busy-body dogs that we rescued, Penelope and Mr. Mcfeeley. 

Life is different this year, as we all well know, so our family focus has moved onto music lessons for the kids with my father, while I continue to collect and make small repairs to ‘obscure’ or antique instruments. i.e., Recently we surprised the kids with a Zither, and Yurik and I are working on the small motor in our reed organ. 

Who is your role model and why?
My parents. They homeschooled me for 10 years... what a commitment! My mom is a talented hair stylist, and is currently excited to start homeschooling her grandson Fox in E. Rochester, my sister’s 3 year old. My father is a talented musician, and has always made sure that music remained a focus in life. Growing up, he was a music director, playing organ in churches and playing in wedding bands able to take requests at the drop of a hat. Passion is the key to resilience. Work hard, play hard! 

What is your favorite part of your job?
Building product, being active and around to keep the momentum of building each other up, and building new partnerships and processes. All progresses through productivity could be considered my favorite! 

What is your favorite memory from your time here at Gorbel®?
This is a hard one! Although I feel like I can’t pick just one, I will say; It was pretty impressive to be there at Geva, clapping and yelling alongside Brian Reh, Max Powell, Betty Dolce, Emma Percy and all the others there when we heard we won the ETHIE award! 


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