Electric Chain Hoist Features You Need to Look For: Part II

Susan Griepsma
| Sep 28, 2022

What should you look for in an electric chain hoist? Transitioning from a manual chain hoist to an electric one or upgrading your hoist is a delicate procedure that you must match to your industrial needs and requirements. Small mistakes here can be costly in terms of money, product safety, health, or even litigation. 

In Part I, we covered the Top 4 features you need to look for when looking for an electric chain hoist. Check out some more features to consider in your search: 

5. Level of Precision

The best electric chain hoist in the market is one that promises precision. Lifting loads in an industrial set up requires accuracy and equipment that operate with a low margin of error. Some features that make electrical hoists more precise include: HOIST_ONE_QUARTER_TON_DSC_1680_CC_DV_SYSTEMS_smaller

  • A Mechanical Brake
  • Set Dies and Molds
  • Two Position Up and Down Buttons

Using non-precise equipment creates health hazards that may cause injuries to your team. Recurrent injuries may lead to higher health costs and even litigation that may end up with hefty compensation.

Equipment that does not guarantee precision may also damage the goods or products it lifts, leading to losses and liabilities.

6. Level Of Ergonomics

Like many other machines typical of an industrial setup, the electric chain hoist uses precise human instruction for its operation. This means that the machine, especially the electric chain hoist, has to be as ergonomic as possible and imitate/receive instructions in the most precise manner possible.

The benefits of having an ergonomic electric chain hoist are that it makes it easier to train new employees with hence cutting retraining costs and times.

Because an ergonomic electric chain hoist is easier to operate, it increases the users' productivity by cutting on time and resources used.

Remember how ergonomic jib cranes contribute to workplace safety, an ergonomic electric chain similarly reduces the chances of injury to your team because of its high rate of responsiveness that comes in handy when avoiding accidents.

7. Ease Of Installation 

The ease of installation is another factor that facility managers should consider as they replace their manual chain hoists or upgrade their electric ones. HOIST_HALF_TON_DSC_1063_CC_AREOCISION

Since an industrial set up is a living organism, you may need frequent transfer of equipment from one section of the industry to another. This requires installation and re-installation that may become expensive and time consuming over time.

To save on time, money, and to keep the profits from the productivity gains, it is imperative that a company sets its eyes on an electric chain hoist that is easy to install and relocate.

8. Durability

Most industrial equipment are exposed to strenuous tasks that lead to wear and tear and even malfunction. Electric chain hoist systems are no exception. Facility managers should go out of their way to purchase from manufacturers with a long history and reputation of creating durable products.

Some things they should look out for when searching for durable products include:

  • Product Warranties and Guarantees
  • Sealed, fan-cooled Motor
  • Dust resistance
  • Single Location Fabrication Of All Components
  • Manufacturers With Industrial Design Patents

Buying a durable electric chain hoist comes with several benefits to the industry at large. First and foremost, it reduces the cost of constant replacement of the equipment that is expensive in the long run.

Moreover, durable industrial equipment has low repair and maintenance costs that can accumulate into hefty amounts of repair costs.

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