The Benefits of Going to Trade Shows

Emma Percy
| Nov 26, 2018
Trying to decide if you should attend a trade show? Well you should! There are a ton of reasons why trade shows can be beneficial to you and your company, here are the top three reasons why you should attend a trade show: 


1. Expanding your knowledge
You can learn a lot from a company’s website, but nothing is more beneficial than talking to someone face to face and learning about products. Trade shows offer face time with trained employees that you can ask whatever questions you’re having about their products. Trade shows often have seminars that you can attend to learn more about the industry, how to grow your business, and general information. They are full of information about the latest trends in your industry, and potential competitors. Attending these seminars in between walking around and learning about products can be beneficial to both you and your company.

2. Hands-on experience
There’s no better way to learn more about a product and see if it’s right for you than testing it out in person. Nothing can replace hands-on experience. If you are between a few different options, it’s especially beneficial to go to a trade show and test out the product for yourself. Gorbel® products like the G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Assist Device are easier to learn about and understand when you’re able to test them out for yourself. Our G-Force® enable operators to lift and maneuver naturally, as if the devices were an extension of their arms, and as amazing as that sounds, it’s even more amazing in person. Plus, it’s time that you have with the experts to ask any questions you may have.

3. Building relationships
Trade shows allow you to meet people and explore their business that you may have not thought of when looking for certain products. You can build relationships with people at companies that you could potentially be doing business with and create a better sales experience for yourself. Sometimes, learning more about the people and culture of a company can help you decide if you want to work with them. Gorbel® has a long history of hiring positive people who are looking to improve people’s lives.  Building connections with people from trade shows can overall help you decide on whatever you’re looking for.

Trade shows are great for a number of reasons, but whatever you’re looking for, trade shows can be beneficial to you and your company. Have questions about Gorbel® products or specific questions about a trade show we’ve exhibited at? Let us know!

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