Getting to Know Gorbel®: Dharmendra Chowdary Meka

Emma Percy
| Jan 04, 2019

Meka is a Software Engineer at Gorbel®, and he has been with us for almost two and a half years!


As a Software Engineer, a normal day for Meka involves designing and developing software for various Gorbel® projects. Meka develops enhancements for both end user and internal software at Gorbel®. His normal tasks involve coding, CraneBrain® user management, resolving software issues, and recommending and developing solutions for new projects. We keep him very busy!

Meka’s favorite part of his job is coding. “We solve a different challenge every day and solving a challenge always keeps me excited and encouraged to solve the next one. The software we build at Gorbel® is one of a kind, so there is no room to get bored here.”

Outside the office, Meka enjoys cooking, but more importantly, eating! He likes to go on food adventures and try different cuisines. He likes to relax by watching TV, and tries to keep himself up to date with technology, including participating in online coding competitions.

Throughout his two and a half years here, Meka has made many memories, but his first day stands out to him as his favorite. “My first day at Gorbel®, I was in the break room and suddenly Brian Reh, CEO of Gorbel®, stopped by to introduce himself and welcome me to Gorbel®. After some time, David Pritchard, Vice President, stopped at my desk and greeted me. These gestures just show how positive the environment is and how down to earth the people are here. Every employee is valued equally at Gorbel®.”

Meka has many important people in his life who are mentors for him. “All my professors, teachers, friends and family are my mentors. Understanding the logic excited me which made me interested in Math during my childhood. My interest in Math brought me to this point in my career now. All thanks to my teachers. I have great friends who always had a very positive influence on me. My family has been very supportive to me to achieve my goals. Last but not the least, my parents for giving me the freedom to choose what I want.”

When asked what he wishes people knew about Gorbel®, Meka’s answer was simple: “Gorbel® is place where you opinion is valued no matter what your position is. Gorbel®’s open door policy is the best where you can talk to anybody in the company including the CEO just by stopping at their desk. Irrespective of who you are and where you came from, you will always feel welcomed at Gorbel®.”

Thank you for all your hard work, Meka, we truly appreciate you!

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