Getting to Know Gorbel: Sharon Warner

Emma Percy
| Jan 17, 2020

After over 17 years of Gorbel, Sharon is moving on to retirement. But not before we take a look back at some of her favorite moments at Gorbel®. PLP_4847

Sharon started in Customer Service over 17 years ago. She found a fascination with G-Force® Intelligent Assist Device, and when an opening came up, she applied for it. Since then, Sharon has been working as an Electrical/Mechanical Technician II for the G-Force® product line. In this role, she inspects, repairs, and refurbishes G-Forces that customers have trouble with.

Outside of work, Sharon spends time mowing and gardening her 10 acres in Honeoye. She likes to party with her neighbors, read, educate herself, and play with her five grandchildren.

One of her favorite memories was one from when she first started at Gorbel®. “I was working in Customer Service,” says Sharon. “I had to walk across the building to go to the bathroom, and I kept seeing the same person over and over. I finally stopped him to formally meet him. Turns out his name was Dave Reh. He asked where I worked, and I asked where he worked. He said “behind accounting.” Little did I know, he was the “head accountant.” I was so impressed that he was so humble. He had a way of making you feel very comfortable, and gave you a sense of belonging.”

Sharon talked about the other places she has worked, and how working at Gorbel® feels more like working with a family. “I have truly enjoyed working and ‘living’ here at Gorbel, my home away from home,” says Sharon. “There have been many tough times and wonderful times, which with a growing family or company is a given. Tears, fears, smiles, and laughter are often shared. I will miss my brothers and sisters and our work home a great deal. I wish nothing but the best for the future of Gorbel and plan to follow the exciting journey that Gorbel is taking.”

We will all miss you, Sharon! Happy retirement!

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