Electric Chain Hoist Features You Need to Look For: Part I

Emma Percy
| Jan 12, 2022

All industrial processes, be it on a ship dock or a warehouse, require the efficient movement of industrial loads from one point to another. Most facility managers are always on a sprint to keep up with the safest, most efficient mode of running their factories, and upgrading to an electric chain hoist is one of them.

What should you look for in an electric chain hoist? Transitioning from a manual chain hoist to an electric one or upgrading your hoist is a delicate procedure that you must match to your industrial needs and requirements. Small mistakes here can be costly in terms of money, product safety, health, or even litigation.

This is why managers should take the replacement or purchase of new industrial equipment very seriously. Some features you should consider as you search for your electric chain hoist system include;

1. Compact Body Design


Industrial space in any section of your industry will always be scarce. Other equipment, machines, and workers are competing for the efficient and productive use of that same space. Hence, the design of your new electric chain hoist should be as compact as possible. HOIST_ONE_EIGHTH_TON_WSJ_360_DSC_1645_CC_HOIST_CRANE_SYSTEMS

Several dimensional constraints come into place when determining how compact your electric chain hoist is relative to the surrounding industrial structure. These include:

  • End approach- This is the distance between the centerline of the lifting hook and the end of the monorail beam.
  • Reach- This is the difference in elevation between the suspension point of the hoist and the hook saddle in its lowest position.
  • Headroom- This is the distance between the hoist suspension point and the fully raised hook saddle. You have to ensure that all your electric chain hoist has the same dimensions as the section of the industry you want to install them in.

2. Smooth And Quiet Operation


Before you purchase or finance new industrial equipment such as an electric chain hoist, you have to ensure that it is as quiet as possible.

Your electric chain hoist and all other industrial equipment have to create a safer, more productive environment. This is necessary to make you compliant with OSHA guidelines on occupational noise exposure.

Having your team working in a noisy industrial environment can lead to both temporary and permanent hearing loss. This can result in high health insurance expenses and lead to litigation and hefty compensations.

Moreover, an unhealthy working environment will make your team less motivated and take a toll on your productivity hence erasing the gains of buying the equipment in the first place. Noise pollution may also lead to high turnover, especially of elderly more experienced workers, leaving you with very high retraining and replacement costs.

3. Certification And Testing


As you go around purchasing your electric chain hoist, it is of utmost importance that you buy one from a reputable company. The equipment must meet all the set standards and get certification from the necessary regulatory bodies. HOIST_ONE_TON_DSC_1162_CC_CAMEROTA

Some of these regulatory bodies that test and certify high-quality electric chain hoists include:

  • The American Society Of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • The European Material Handling Federation (FEM)
  • International Standards Organization (ISO)

Using certified and tested equipment assures your team of a safe work environment with fewer chances of hazard or injury. It also keeps litigation at bay because any injury to your employees or anyone else for that matter due to industrial negligence can lead to a personal injury suit.

Most of all, certification means quality assurance. Buying a certified electric chain hoist leaves you rest assured that the product is reliable, well-crafted, and of high quality.

4. After-Sale Services


Your relationship with the electric chain hoist company should not end after shaking hands and the transfer of ownership. You should purchase your electric chain hoist from a manufacturer that offers a hefty bundle of after-sale services such as:

  • Installation services 

The manufacturer should offer a free installation manual of the electric chain hoist system or a tutorial /video with instructions on installing the electric chain hoist.

  • Warranty

Since the efficient operation of the electric chain hoist system is not a guarantee, the manufacturer should offer a warranty in case the equipment malfunctions. A two-year warranty is sufficient for industrial equipment since most defunct equipment break down in their first few months due to the stress put on industrial products.

Stay tuned for Part 2 to learn about more features to consider when choosing an electric chain hoist. 

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