Enhancing Safety and Efficiency: Better Engineering's Tether Track™ Fall Arrest System

Cami Jones on Behalf of Better Engineering
| Oct 23, 2023
Better Engineering, a leading manufacturer of custom industrial-grade part cleaning machines, faced a significant challenge after moving to a larger facility. The expansion exposed their workforce to increased heights, creating potential fall hazards. In their pursuit of operational efficiency and employee safety, management sought an innovative fall protection solution.  

The previous fall protection setup in Better Engineering’s old facility was time-consuming and cumbersome. Workers had to frequently disconnect and resecure themselves when moving between different sections of machinery, which hampered productivity. They knew the new system needed to cover the entire manufacturing floor and provide seamless mobility for their workforce. 

The Quest for an Effective Solution 

To tackle the challenge at hand, Better Engineering set out to find a robust fall protection system that could ensure the safety of their employees while enabling them to move swiftly and efficiently. The goal was to identify a solution that not only mitigated fall risks but also enhanced overall productivity and worker satisfaction. 

After careful evaluation, Better Engineering decided to implement a Tether Track™ fall arrest system. They installed three Tether Track™ monorails, which spanned an impressive length of 150-160 feet and provided comprehensive coverage for the entire manufacturing floor. The Tether Track™ system offered several key advantages over other systems: 

Seamless Mobility: With the Tether Track™ rails in place, workers could move freely between different production areas without the need for time-consuming unstrapping and restrapping processes. This significantly improved workflow efficiency. 

Enhanced Safety: The Tether Track™ fall arrest system ensured workers' safety at increased heights, allowing them to carry out welding, piping, and support structure projects from an average height of 18 feet. This reduced the risk of falls and provided employees with a sense of security. 

Quick Setup: The Tether Track™ system's user-friendly design enabled quick setup, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. 

Long-Term Benefits and Impact on the Workforce 

The implementation of the Tether Track™ fall arrest system brought about a positive change in Better Engineering’s work environment. Employees expressed their appreciation for the newfound safety and convenience the system provided. With the freedom to move swiftly and securely within the manufacturing floor, workers could focus on their tasks, leading to higher productivity and improved job satisfaction. 

Better Engineering's investment in cutting-edge safety measures showcased their commitment to the well-being of their workforce. By prioritizing employee safety, the company demonstrated its dedication to maintaining a safe and productive work environment. This commitment solidified their position as a leader in the industry. 


Better Engineering's successful implementation of the Tether Track™ fall preotection system exemplifies the importance of prioritizing employee safety in any industrial setting. By choosing an innovative solution that allowed seamless mobility and enhanced productivity, the company effectively addressed the challenges posed by their larger facility. Through their commitment to employee well-being and operational efficiency, Better Engineering continues to set the standard for excellence in custom, industrial-grade part cleaning machine manufacturing. 

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