Lifting Hearts and Spirits: The Story of Gorbel’s® Partnership with the Cameron Community Center

Sarah Weise
| May 29, 2024

Since our founding in 1977, Gorbel® has grown to be an international presence in the material handling industry – but we never forgot what it means to be a local company.

In the early 2000s, Gorbel® got involved with charity organizations near our headquarters outside Rochester, NY. One of the organizations we partnered with was the Cameron Community Center, a nonprofit that provides basic needs and emergency services in the Lyell-Otis neighborhood. Their goal is to help families and individuals achieve self-sufficiency. 

Jim Stockmaster, Director of Product Development and Software Engineering, was one of the key employees who fostered a relationship with Cameron. “My Dad was my inspiration,” Jim said. “He believed in doing – not talking – and letting your deeds speak for who and what you are.”  

At first it was just Jim and a few others volunteering, but soon entire departments were involved. Nowadays, initiatives with Cameron are companywide. With almost 800 employees on the Gorbel® team, a lot can be accomplished.  

Spring Cleaning 

Spring Cleaning Collecting Garbage

In the spring, a group of employees go to the Community Center to help with repairs and maintenance. Some employees offer specialized skills that are invaluable, like masonry and electrical work. Cameron’s needs are different each year, as are the employees who volunteer. “The next time it will be a different crew – with some ‘regulars’ always making it,” said Jim. 

Holiday Gift Drive 

Holiday Gift Drive Toys

During the holiday season, a gift drive is organized. Our team works together to donate everything from children’s toys to nice winter gloves. All the gifts are brought to the Community Center where children and adults can pick out gifts for their family members. Last year, two truckloads of gifts were donated! 

Some years, a third event or initiative is organized. Most recently, employees were given the option to forgo a company branded holiday gift from the company and instead have the associated costs donated to the Cameron Community Center. Over $1,000 was raised! Jim presented a check to Cameron’s Director alongside Senior Engineering Technician Dean Wright and President & COO David Pritchard. Dean, who is also integral to our relationship with Cameron, said “Playing a part in ‘Improving People's Lives’ not only enriches their well-being, but mine as well." 

Holiday Donation Check to Cameron 2024 

Improving Lives is the core mission of Gorbel® and we are proud that our employees extend that mission beyond the business. When asked what advice he would give to companies that want to get involved in local charity, Jim said, “There’s nothing really magic to it. If you want to make a difference, you simply need to look.”   

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