Passing the Titanium Torch: GorbelĀ® Welding Inspector Scott Prince Judges National Welding Competition

Sarah Weise
| Jun 26, 2024

Cropped Scott and Other Judges
Scott (far left) and other judges at Clash of Trades. Photo credit ©Project MFG 2024.

In early June, Scott Prince – a Certified Welding Inspector at Gorbel® and seasoned welder – was gearing up for an exciting event. Scott was selected as a judge for the Clash of Trades, a national welding competition hosted by Project MFG.  

Project MFG is an educational and community-oriented organization that aims to support the next generation of skilled trade professionals. They achieve this by managing the National Welding League program and hosting competitions like the Clash of Trades. 

With prize money and a national title on the line for the winner, Scott knew how meaningful it was to be selected as a judge. “It’s an honor,” Scott said, “to be recognized for what I give to the industry and to impact our future.”  

From Apprentice to Industry Expert
Scott first started welding in 1994 at Monroe One BOCES. He was inspired by his father, who was also a welder. “I always thought what he did was cool, and I was intrigued by it,” said Scott. Little did he know that this initial curiosity would start a lifelong career. 

As his welding skills and experience grew, so did Scott’s drive for quality and perfection. He wanted to challenge himself and decided to enroll in Lincoln Electric’s Certified Welding Inspector program. Scott completed the program and became accredited with the American Welding Society (AWS). In February 2024, Scott joined the Gorbel® team and quickly became known for his positive yet no-nonsense attitude. 

Scott’s approach to welding inspection is straightforward – follow the code, enforce expectations, and ensure welds meet specifications. As a judge at the Clash of Trades, though, Scott was looking for a bit more. While he agreed that skills and technique are important, he wanted to see “how students overcome and adapt” during the challenges of a competition.  

The Impact of Thirty Years in Welding 
Seeing young welders and manufacturing students succeed is important to Scott, who was also a teacher at Monroe 2 BOCES. He resonates with Project MFG’s mission to inspire the next generation of skilled tradesmen. It’s all about “showing young people what they can be,” Scott said when asked what it means to collaborate with Project MFG. 

Being a judge at such a major event was a unique experience, but one stands out from the rest – the day a film crew visited his welding class to make a video called “The Prince of Welding.” Seeing his students give their best during filming meant a lot to him. 

Scott remains focused on teaching and helping other welders, even as awards from national organizations start rolling in. He was recently named District Certified Welding Inspector of the Year and earned a trip to the annual AWS Leadership Symposium in Miami. AWS also recognized Scott with an award for his service and community contributions. But for Scott, these accolades are not seen as personal achievements. “Somebody taught me a thing or two once,” Scott said, “I’m just paying it forward.” 

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