Happy New year from everyone at Gorbel

Husein Lokhandwala
| Jan 18, 2018
The New Year brings with it hope, cheer, renewed vigor and a frantic rise in gym memberships. Understandably so, we all at some point want to be healthy and feel good about ourselves and our bodies. It’s just so hard to get off the couch and give up binge watching Netflix for a yoga mat and a protein shake. Here at Gorbel, our simple mission – We Improve People Lives – starts with our employees. That is why we encourage everyone to balance their work life and be healthy.
Well at Gorbel is a companywide initiative designed with the health and well-being of all Gorbel employees in mind. At Gorbel we have employees with a wide variety of job duties ranging from physical work in the factories to sedentary office work. Balancing a healthy lifestyle can be challenging with different people requiring varying degrees of activity. The Well at Gorbel Wellness program incentivizes and rewards employees for making healthy choices all at their convenience.  Well at Gorbel uses the Viverae wellness platform to keep up to date information about the user’s health information, along with rewarding points for setting and completing a variety of challenges and tasks that involve making decisions towards healthy living. The platform also provides a myriad of educational resources ranging from how to change your diet and eat healthier, to creating a workout routine that is best suited for you.

Well at Gorbel helps to create a path toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle using these steps: 

The program starts with learning your key health statistics by completing a Member Health Assessment (MHA) and Biometric Screening.

Ensure you are getting the recommended Preventive Care exams for your age and gender.

Your MHA responses, Biometric Screening results, and any recommendations from physicians following your Preventive Care exam guide you to relevant resources to make lifestyle improvements and/or manage ongoing conditions.

Changing day-to-day lifestyle habits is often the best way to improve health and increase your quality of life. Eating well, increasing physical activity, and quitting smoking are all positive steps, and Well at Gorbel has tools to help.

All programs are confidential and in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Any information shared will not be disclosed, except in accordance with HIPAA laws. 

So Gorbel is starting of its New Year right by providing all employees with encouragement, motivation and resources to fulfill those isochronal resolutions to achieving those seemingly illusive fitness goals. We hope everyone has a healthier, fitter and more peaceful New Year!

Let us know in the comments below what your fitness goals are? Did you buy a gym membership this year? What are the changes that you want to see in yourself and others around you?

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