Crane Spotting - Quarantine Edition

Jennifer D'Alessandro
| Apr 20, 2020
Joe Gerzseny, a Gorbel Applications Engineer, started a project a few month ago at home building a motorized jib crane with legos. He never had enough free time to finish up the project.

Over the last month he has finally been able to dedicate some time to completing it. To finish the project, he had to find and order pieces from Lego resellers from around the country in order to get everything in yellow! 

"My son “helped” me with some of it," said Joe, "but since he’s 7 most of his ideas involved Star Wars blasters, light sabers, or rocket engines… all things that we really should try to incorporate into our actual product offering!" What a fantastic job, Joe! The jib crane is even equipped with a Gorbel Hoist, the perfect complement to a Gorbel crane.

lego_motorized jib crane

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