Benefits of Tarca Track

Increased load carrying capacity and track life- the lower section of Tarca® track is specially rolled from high carbon billet and welded to a structural steel web and top flange.  This construction of the track increases its load carrying capacity while retaining its non-peening qualities and significantly increasing track life.
peening- gradual movement of metal by the rolling action of wheels. The metal moves to one or both sides of the rail, depending on the rail design, and is the chief source of wear.  

Raised tread stays flat and smooth - raised tread design allows metal to flow in both directions when repeatedly subjected to a rolling load; the tread stays flat and smooth allowing for easy rolling of loaded wheels. 

Maximum strength, maximum rigidity, and greater safety - the high carbon alloy steel rail is joined by a carefully controlled welding process which means maximum strength and rigidity and greater safety.  

Standardized rail widths - the most distinguishing feature of patented rail is that a rail of uniform width can be maintained over a wide range of beam depths and carrying capacities.  This uniformity provides a basis for standardization not only in trolleys and end trucks, but also in interlocks, electrification brackets, and other accessories.  

A better installation, faster - Overall track depth is held to close tolerances.  Flange and rail are held square with the web.  This accuracy eliminates time consuming shimming and fitting during erection.  Systems fit neatly together for smooth, quiet operation.