How to Select a Crane

Basic Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting an Overhead Crane System:


What is the size and shape of the work area you are looking to cover?

  • Work Station Cranes offer square/rectangular coverage where Jib Cranes offer circular coverage   

Is the crane going to be manual or motorized?

  • When load weight or operation frequency makes manual rotation non-economical, impractical, or unsafe motorized rotation may be the answer  

What is the type and extent of the structural support available?

  • Floor supported, ceiling mounted, or wall/column mounted  

What is the capacity of the load?

  • "Less is More, Don't Overcrane" - lifting and moving product that weighs 200 lbs. would only require a 250 lb. bridge - don't go overboard with a 500 lb. bridge  

What is the crane's environment? 

How will the crane be used in daily operation?