What type of Portable Ergonomic Conveyor System should I choose?
The Destuff-it™ is used for unloading only. The Restuff-it™ can be used for loading or unloading.

How can I see a Destuff-it™ or Restuff-it™ in action?
There are a variety of ways you can see these machines in operation including trade shows, on-site demonstrations or a visit to one of our production facilities, either in Ontario Canada or Rochester, NY. In some cases, we can arrange a visit to a customer site. Contact us today at (800) 263-9823 for more information.

Can we rent a machine?
Yes, we have a small inventory of rental machines that are available on a first come, first serve basis. Refer to our rental page (insert link) for further details.

What power is required to run the machine?
The Destuff-it™ requires 480V/3Ph/60Hz with a 20 AMP service. We have options available for other power sources; please inquire with our sales team for more information.

How can I calculate my Return on Investment (ROI)?
Each Destuff-it™ or Restuff-it™ machine is a capital investment, so understanding costs and associated ROI specific to your operation is essential. Your ROI will depend on factors such as number of containers unloaded, current unload time, labor costs, etc. This information will be used to contrast against known transfer rates associated with utilizing one of these machines for your operation. Our sales team will help you calculate your ROI.

How do I purchase one of the Portable Ergonomic Conveyor products?
Call us at (800) 263-9823 to find a Warehouse Solutions Sales Representative in your area.

Where do I find the Serial Number on the machine?
The serial number can be found on a label at the top of the left mast.

How do I order parts for my Destuff-it™ or Restuff-it™ product?
To order the correct parts, please have the Serial Number ready. You can contact the Parts department at 1-800-263-9823 opt. 4 or email [email protected].

Who should I contact if my order is lost or has missing or damaged parts?
Make a note on the bill of lading of what is missing or damaged, then contact the freight company. Please note that it is crucial that you file a freight claim immediately, as carriers will only accept claims during the two weeks following a delivery.