As with most companies, there is a desire to cut costs without jeopardizing quality. For distribution centers, unloading floor-loaded product faster while minimizing damage is key. The faster product is turned around, the more effective the DC.

TRIAL PERIOD: On average, companies currently using a step stool to handle floor-loaded product in trailers or containers see a dramatic increase in productivity after introducing a Destuff-it. The rental program allows organizations to prove these productivity claims within their own facility and with their own workforce. The trial period also allows an organization the opportunity to create reasonable benchmarks and accurate ROI expectations for when a machine(s) is permanently introduced to the operation.

SEASONAL INFLUX: Companies may choose to rent a Destuff-it machine to assist with the dramatic increase of floor-loaded product received or distributed during a seasonal high. The rental program allows organizations to achieve efficiency during periods of seasonal influx.

SPECIAL ORDER: Similar to seasonal increases, organizations may be anticipating a period where an increased number of containers/trailers are received (ie. new product launch). The rental program can aid organizations in handling this atypical volume.

Noted below are the rental terms, as well as a description of the machines available for rent. To rent a Restuff-it machine for your facility, refer to the rental calendar to determine availability.

Rental Terms

Rental Rate: Call for quotation.
Insurance: Proof of insurance is required from Lessee before delivery of rental unit can occur.
Minimum Rental Period: 1 week.
Shipping: Freight costs are the responsibility of the customer. A quotation will be provided at the time of the rental, depending on the location of the rental unit. Freight insurance for the full value of the machine must be provided by the renter. Lessee is responsible for the brokers’ fees, duties and tariffs and VAT, if applicable.
Training: All customers using the equipment for a time trial or first time renters will be subject to training costs. Quote for training service will be provided at the time of rental.
Extensions/Rebookings: Rental units are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Rental Equipment

Restuff-it™ #2
Machine Style Bi-directional
Allows User To Load & unload
No. of Machines in Rental Customers can rent 1 machine or both machines
Additional Equipment Provided with Rental: 2 - 26’ powered roller conveyor
1 - Remote panel section with 75’ of power cable
Power Requirements: 480/3/60 (US); 600/3/60 (CAN)
Rental Rate: Call for quotation
Products Suitable for Machine: Carton boxes

Rental Request

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