What are the benefits of Foundationless Jib Cranes?


Poured foundations can take weeks to cure before you can install the jib. Reduce downtime with a quick, efficient foundationless installation.


Installing a poured foundation can cost as much or more than the jib crane itself. You can save upwards of $5,000 when comparing the complete costs.


Foundationless jibs give you greater flexibility in your initial install location. It’s also easy to relocate a jib when there’s no poured foundation. When your operation changes, your Gorbel foundationless jib can keep up with the change.


Pouring a foundation requires coordinating contractors, syncing multiple schedules, and potentially shutting down production. Decrease the disruption and control the chaos with our foundationless design.

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FS300 I-Beam Jib

Work Station Jib

Articulating Jib