Increase your safety and efficiency with a Gorbel Work Station Crane and Electric Chain Hoist


AeroCision, a maker for commercial parts for jet engines, was looking for a safer, easier, and more efficient way to move their products around their facility.

The Problem

Before choosing a Gorbel® system, AeroCision was using an engine hoist with a counter weight on the back of it. It was a custom design that they had made up that allowed them to push their product around the shop floor. “It was very awkward and hard to use,” said Jason Morton, Shopmill Supervisor.

The Solution

Now, with the Gorbel® overhead crane system, it makes it easy for them to pick up the part they need and move it around through narrow spaces. What used to take them nearly 45 minutes and required two people to pick products up and move them around, now takes around 5-10 minutes and only requires one person.