Gorbel Work Station Crane: Utilizing Floor Space and Increasing Production for Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer


This manufacturer of Agriculture Equipment was looking to improve production efficiencies and safety when handling steel materials and fabricated assemblies. Floor space was congested and there was limited room for handling assemblies weighing 4000 lbs. and were up to 16 ft. tall.

The Problem

It took two workers to push and pull the large assemblies into position. This was a hinderance to both production and the worker's safety. The height of the assemblies caused issues with obstructions above.

The Solution

The solution was two Free Standing Work Station Cranes with Nested Trolleys mounted on Dual Girder Bridges. The columns of the system were place tight against the building to maximize the floor space and the nested trolleys helped to maximize the hook height of the system One worker is now able to complete the task, increasing production and safety for the manufacturer.