Cleveland Tramrail® Gives Agriculture Machinery Company Flexibility for Process Improvements


Hagie Manufacturing is a provider of agricultural crop sprayers as well as large snow removal equipment for airports. The company was expanding its facility and was seeking improved workflow and better lifting solutions for its sub-assembly and final assembly work bays for crop sprayers.

The Problem

The existing final assembly area was only 30’ wide, though the crop sprayers can be as long as 48’ across. The final assembly area was also not conveniently located, so parts needed to be transferred from sub-assembly to final assembly, which took additional time and resources. A new building was constructed that would allow the sub-assembly and final assembly areas to be side-by-side, which resolved the workflow problem. Now the company looked for the best option for material handling.

The Solution

In the new building, Hagie decided to go with two Cleveland Tramrail® patented track overhead bridge cranes. Both systems are ceiling mounted and span the full length entire assembly area with 202’ runways. The patented track systems were chosen because of the hardened running surface, which would be able to sustain the constant use of multiple bridges throughout multiple shifts for a long period of time without flexing or bending.