Cleveland Tramrail® Monorail System Eliminates Down Time and Increases Safety For Necropsy Lab


The College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University necropsy lab examines and studies deceased livestock to prevent spreading illness. When the procedure is about to begin, the animal is moved from cold storage across the loading area and into the necropsy room.

The Problem

An I-beam monorail system with curves and switches was installed when the room was built. The original hoist was powered by a cable that dropped from the hoist to be plugged in at floor level, and was damaged several times. The hoist was replaced 10 years ago and powered by electrification bar to eliminate the dangling wire.

The system’s switches were suspended by hanger rods, and when a large animal was moved around a curve, the weight of the animal would cause the rail to deviate. When the track shifts out of alignment, the electrification bar breaks its connection and power to the system is lost. With the power off and the system down, animals as large as a one-ton bull would be left suspended in mid air until facility maintenance arrived.

The Solution

A 2-ton Cleveland Tramrail® monorail system, with roughly 90 feet of straight and curved Tarca® track and Safpowrbar, was installed to replace the oft-maligned monorail that existed previously.